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  • Just to be extra clear. Once I delete this from my community folder following the March 2nd update, please confirm that I do not need to delete any aircraft folders or do anything else as I would have if I personally manually changed the .cfg files for each aircraft?

    When flying the TBM earlier, I felt it did not stall at the right speed when landing and was still floating down the runway too easily which is strange as I had removed the fix from my community folder.
  • Iceland Overhaul
    3 month(s) ago
    Amazing work. Thank you!
  • Sedona Cinematic
    3 month(s) ago
    Excellent! Thank you.
  • Can you please create nearby Capitol Reef National Park? It has great photogrammetry on google especially around Cassidy's Arch. It would make a great tour from Zion, via Bryce, Capitol Reef and then Arches/Canyonlands (Canyonlands would be cool too). Thanks so much!!
  • Fantastic work! Really well done! I was hoping someone would do this after buying the Orbx Bryce Canyon Airport addon. Any chance you could do Arches NP?