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When taking off from 09 I usually do a heading of 045 after a few minutes. With the tower over 10 kms away, my eye never fell on it, so to say. Anyway: I did find a low-poly 3d model for Sketchup. I'll see what I can do :)
Thanks for the grass tip! I'll try this on next update. For the 3D models: busy as we speak, but since this isn't the only thing I can spend my time on, it might take a while :) And coming from EHRD, I never see the Goes tower, plus I'm a bit reluctant to use Google Earth data, because strictly speaking it's against the Google TOS.
I'm currently in the progress of modelling EHMZ. Including custom 3D models for the restaurant and 'tower'. But it takes a LOT of time to properly model those buildings.
Hi! Very nice work! Where did you get the ground signs and the various runway objects (white blocks, taxi dividers, etc?) If you have custom made them, could I use them for my EHMZ custom airport I'm currently building? Of course I will credit you.
Mike departure @ 1000ft is becoming interesting :) Or direct Oud Beijerland

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