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  • well done anyway 😉
  • Not bad, I used to land here in my Aircoupe to visit my buddy. The house in the foreground on the west side of the runway is his. I could pull right into his backyard. He had a Cessna 170B taildragger parked there. You can see the opening between the trees to his yard. It was actually an ultralight field. A ton of ultralights parked there. Thanks for doing it.
  • Great Job, I kept my Aircoupe here.
  • Just a thought if it's not too much trouble, is there any chance you could change the color of the main building with the clock? It's actually a pale yellow or cream from the photos I've seen.
  • what's the closest airport?
  • excellent, 2 thumbs up, one of my favorite uk airports
  • Excellent job on the main terminal building, but there's a ton of hangars and buildings missing on the south end of the ramp. Is this still a work in progress?
  • Fantastic job, payware quality. I really enjoyed the vfr flying, the horse on the hill was a nice surprise. Thank you. 10 stars. I have an I9-9900k with an RTX 2070 super, and even though things were still loading, I could still fly in VR with no real issues.
  • There's no tank, just the pumps, likely underground storage like at gas stations.
  • I PMed you on the Brantford scenery. Make all 3 hangars the same, I sent some photos, great effort, and I showed you which side the Hangar doors are on. I agree, someone should model the WW2 hangars, My Dad was in the RCAF so I grew up on air bases and know those hangars well, spent lots of time in them.
  • Nice attempt, a pity you couldn't add school buses at the school bus factory over the 2D photo. By the way, the fuel pump is in the wrong place, it's over by the flying club office
  • Well done, but can I offer some constructive advice? The yellow lights of the city center and green Frontenac Hotel are perfect, but can you please turn down the white lights of the docks, grain elevator and out-lying streets a bit. I think it's too bright and a bit over-powering for the city center. Just a thought.