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Thank you, good to see 5 stars
Thank you! Very few appreciate the free work :)
keep the ultra settings :)) you can use a drone :)) planes aren't for you
Sinaia is almost done, I will add it when we reach 200 downloads here.
On the last update, I just added a part from the "Sinaia" mod which I deleted. Sinaia is not included here, I need to remake it from scratch, it will be included in Prahova Valley Part 2.
Baking texture files requires a lot of work and also reduce quality, regarding the game startup its because Community folder is stupidly checked again and again every time, if my mod where in official folder will not affect anything, maybe msfs will do something about this.
I don't know what to say, I need to decide if I will re-add it here or I will create another mod with it.
1st. This is a big area. 2nd. This is more optimized than any thing that you think. 3rd. Don't comment if you don't know what you are talking about!
Yeah the photogrammetry is very old :/
I will do the other part too ;) thanks
There is nothing else, I am using the last technology :)) I cannot reduce quality anymore.
It works well with both part1 and 2? :))
Check the new version! @ProlandsAscot @eduard909 @JubJubJoe @szcsongor @airmon96 @ProlandsAscot @iannis82
On the next version I will add real water, POI markers, and few optimizations.
Thank you for your rating! :D
Part 3 (the last one) will be available after we reach 500 downloads here.
New version that will match the Part 1 texture colors will launch when we reach 200 downloads :D
Part 1 has modified texture colors, Part 2 has original, which one you like?

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