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This mod has been working without a flaw for some time now and certainly prior to update #7 and I enjoy it so much. However a new problem has emerged where the first time I fly the CE-700 I can set an ILS frequency, set the AP to APPR, ALT to approach height and the approach will capture LOC1 (White to Green) then a bit later the GS will capture ok and turn green and the plane will follow the ILS to minimums. So far so good. But at any airport if I try the same approach again it will not capture. When I press APPR LOC and GS will show white but never capture again (turn green) like it did the first time around. It now will never work until I shut down the sim and start again. Now any ILS will again work but only the first time, repeating the same symptoms on second or subsequent landings. I have tested without WT gauge mods and without the dakfly mods but stlll get the same errors. Trying this with the Modded WT CJ4 and gauges captures an ILS repeatably without error. My conclusion is that there is something wrong with the CE-700 on my installation and wonder if anyone else is seeing this problem.
Hi Jordon. Thanks for your Vic airports. I have enjoyed your first batch and the independent releases. Now look forward to trying all 25 in this release. You have covered Vic so well, the only good one you have missed so far is YPOD Portland, a fun strip. I'm from YBDG and have a number of Airport photos of this and others your welcome to if they would help. Just let me know.
Another thank you for this great mod. As a person that flies Bizjets the most, this was and continues to be my favourite plane in MFS. I don’t know if it is your work, but the ground handling is so good - the plane just hugs the centre line with no effort at all. What a joy!
I have just done another test, ILS 16L to KSEA Seatac and this worked (one that didn’t work at first). But there was the issue at this Airport that I have seen others report. That is that whilst the ILS was captured and the plane followed the glide slope down, lateral position was out, that much so that I nearly came down on 16C rather than 16L. This however I’m sure is not related to your mod. Oh and I’m sure I have your Mod working OK as my full fuel load is 14560Lb
dakfly0219, I too thank you for making the C700 so much better. You asked for feedback after upd #7. I did several flights this morning to a number of USA airports with ILS approaches an non of them worked. Ones I that I have flown successfully to in the past. I had LOC1 selected as source, Confirmed that the ILS frequency was correct, Heading directly to the Rwy at just below the capture ALT and pressed APPR. On every occasion the indicators on the PFS remained White right to and passed the Airport. I reverted back to the default install and rechecked several Airports and the indicators turned green and the Landing worked well. Now here is the strange part, I reinstalled the Community folder and placed your Layout.json file back to the default install and this time a few test also worked well. So that was definitely good news but I thought I would pass this experience on for FYI and maybe help others.
Is it possible to see other Multi-players in real time, thank you
Wonder if the app allows you to see Multi-players in real time? This would be my main use
Great Job, thanks. Love the Metallic paints. Please consider an Australian version. We are a per-capita high use Aviation and Fsim nation. Second largest number of Airports/Airstrips in the World next to the USA. Just Saying.
Love this set, I hope you will be able to mod in line with update like I see you have done already for your G36 set
Thank you Jan, great to see you amazing paints here in MFS
I wanted to thank you again, especially after update #5 of MFS for with your app it is so easy to turn off all Community addons with one click and the folder appears empty to the sim. Yet another benefit of using Symbolic Links
Thank you @bad2000 for such a useful app
Thank you very much. A very enjoyable Idaho Backcountry strip

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