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  • When the Matrix was first built, there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit...
  • When uploading scenery, the system requires you to specify the country in question. The author has to select either Israel or Palestine and it sticks the corresponding flag in the title automatically. The ensuing controversy is inevitable from either side of the issue. Just pointing it out, because you seem particularly irked by the flag bit...

    Also, if you are referring to surrounding buildings being removed when you say Christian and Jewish sites have been obliterated in the surrounding area, the author says he has removed AI buildings purely for aesthetic reasons (AI does indeed make a mess of densely constructed urban areas sometimes). Indeed, the author commented that he could make a version without these exclusions if preferred (its easy, it's just a tickbox in the corresponding polygon drawn on the ground).
  • I really want to give this excellent looking livery a go but why is it an .exe file? I haven't seen any other livery on here that comes in an installer (the rest are all drag and drop straight to community folder). I'm a little bit wary of running .exes from unknown sources (understandably), especially when it seems unnecessary to have them?
  • Ha! Oh damn! You just ruined my whole weekend efforts! I'm literally sitting in front of blender trying to work out how to make a container ship and then you drop this! Nice work though.
  • The attention to detail is undeniable, models look gorgeous just in the hanger. Very accomplished work.
  • I have much respect for how you've reacted to the feedback you've received from me and others. I think your file description is excellent now. You've shown a great deal of integrity and I salute you. Thank you for being a great part of this community.
  • It's sad to see a difference of opinion spill over into the star ratings, which should be about quality alone. Your work really deserves 5 stars but you're receiving down-votes solely because of your attitude. I noticed your 1-star review of the other guys work that you subsequently deleted but then you have put it back asking if he has downloaded yours (incidentally, he's complemented your efforts, he's come off much better than you in this whole thing). You also chose to downplay his work specifically in your file description instead of letting the quality of your own efforts speak for itself; you've done yourself a dis-service here (also, you kinda said you are the best livery creator out there, how is that going to win you any support?).

    If I might offer some constructive suggestions to improve your submission: 1) edit your file description and just tell us about your excellent livery, never mind anyone elses work, 2) include some close up screenshots of the extra details you've successfully created so everyone can see the excellence of your work, no question.
  • Egypt Air A330 8K
    2 month(s) ago
    Yes! Finally! Been waiting for someone to make this (I'm no good at liveries myself) so big thank-you! Looks amazing so far. Please add the Arabic logo to the nacelles, then it will be perfect.
  • Yes, these lighting effects only appear at night. The SDK light source sim objects only appear when the daylight level is below a certain threshold. I used these light sources to make the scenery enhancement.
  • Airbus A330-300
    2 month(s) ago
    Thanks, just went over there and looks like someone has already raised this and it's already been tagged high priority. I will leave it in your capable hands.
  • Thanks for this. There are so many ridiculous F-15 liveries on here, I really appreciate the accuracy and subtlety of your work. You are describing the history of this iconic plane; after all the YF-15 is where is all started. Now don't mind me, I'm off to fly dangerously around Edwards AFB...
  • If only those protesters had done it to an ASOBO 747 instead; they would have gotten twice as far what with it automatically mirroring on the other side.