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Hi I'm Rick, call sign NightHawk (or NightHawk1867) depending on where you find me. I'm an over-educated coffee addict into flight simulation. Keeping if friendly. Always looking for Canadian, Scottish or British content. Thanks to all for the contributions.
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I really love this lime green colour. Will you consider making one for the Cub Crafter X-Cub?
Your program is great and has really helped me organize my liveries. I wanted to be sure that the red text meant double identical files/liveries? I have a few now.
Yes it was installed properly. The Scottish Ambulance livery has returned. I moved it into a separate folder with other 'pre-update' liveries (the update at end of Oct). Can other liveries interfere with a livery?
My Scottish Ambulance version will not show up MSFS. Any suggestions on how to fix? (I really like it and want to get it working).
Love the PAN AM livery. My msfs addons linker wont recognize the livery it shows the pan am livery folders but no file. Nor does it appear in msfs. Any suggestions? [Update: Seems to be missing 'manifest.json' file if this is necessary].
I was extracting this work and was receiving to many 'path too long' errors. Is there a simple solution to this, I'm guessing it has something to do with my brand new system with the most up to date windows10. Posted about it on the Discord channel any help would be appreciated. [Update: worked out the solution and posted it to the Discord channel, basically changed the software I used to unzip]
Thanks for the all red BBC news caravan. Any chance of making a red CBC news with logo version.
It works! And the colours look great, can't wait to fly. Rule Britannia!
Downloaded Nov 15 and it works great, Thanks. Always love liveries with Red in them.
I downloaded version 1.1 on Nov 15th and was not able to get it to work. If its not my system I suggest do a side my side comparison of files with one of your working A320 liveries like burgandyx in notepad++ too see what is different.
Afraid the update of Brit60 is still not working for me. In content manager the livery shows up with an error in Dependencies. 'The minimum game version is 1.7.12 The following content is required for this item to run properly: YOUR LIVERY NAME - required version 1.1' then in red text 'Not installed'.
I am at a loss. I have moved the file directly into the community folder and it will not work. The MSFS Addons Linker i use is here https://flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker There must be some quirk with my system. All I can think of is the use of hyphens instead of underscore in the file names. Update: The Brit60 livery shows up in content manager. But there is a message under Dependencies 'Your Livery Name - required version Version Number Not installed' is required to run properly.
Unfortunately I have not been able to get this livery to work, will not show up in 'Liveries'. I use MSFS Add Ons and your other liveries are working. Any suggestions?
Thanks for all your colourful liveries. The Cessna 152 yellow livery doesn't show up, at least for me.
Looks amazing, great RCAF colours. Would love to see this livery for the DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) MB339.
A great big thank you for updating all your liveries especially your 8 colour packages. Thanks.
Oh! I had been hoping you would do the A320 in these fantastic colours. Thanks.
Hi really like the bp fuel trucks. Would be possible in future versions to split the bp and exxon trucks into 2 separate mods?

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