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  • I fly to honolulu and the hawaiian islands all the time in msfs, i definetly will use this addon in the game. Thank you!
  • So, I have a pretty good idea of your "little trick", i've seen it used by only one other creator. All of the text in the "not mirrored" liveries is in the exact same spot as the "boeing" word on the default livery. I suspect that you use the default livery as a template, replacing the boeing text with the name of the airline. I think that you can use the aviators club livery as a template to create some more realistic airlines, as the text in that livery is right between the windows! And for being worried for asobo fixing the mapping, ive read in multiple places that asobo is definetly not considering fixing the 747 any time soon, and I think that users will appreciate more liveries. You never dissapoint with these liveries, thank you so much for your hard work.
  • This livery looks great! One bit of feedback, could you make the Hawaiian name in between the windows of the two decks like all the other 747s? besides that, great livery!
  • how do you get a 747-400? i want it!!
  • I love this livery! I am going to use it today for some island hopping, and im really excited! one thing, you spelled "hula" wrong. otherwise great job!
  • Hey, I love that livery! Would you consider making that exact livery, but with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the tail instead, so we can honor her by flying the jet?
  • I like all the China Airlines liveries that you've made, but China Airlines doesn't fly the 747-8. How about making an Air China livery? They fly the 747-8, and I would love to have it