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  • +The key to Navigraph usefulness would be to have the simlink capability (aircraft following) to work (it would certainly help for VR taxiing and Vatsim/IVAO/PilotEdge taxi instructions). I'm surprised that Navigraph, as an official MSFS partner, hasn't put together a plan for an in-game panel or even reaching out to great authors like you to collaborate on an interface. One step at a time I guess
  • First of all, your fixed panel (yesterday) works perfectly for me today. Although, I'm using it alone without any possible conflicting panels (Bushtalk or Rafael's VR panels). The only issue I've come across is when having to login to Simbrief while in-game, MSFS seems to read the keystrokes as game inputs. So for me, I end up in SLEW mode after logging in. It's easily fixed by clicking "Y" but it could make someone think their sim is frozen. I've tried many different ways of logging in (Pause, Active Pause, outside camera, Showcase mode,etc...). MSFS still reads the keystrokes as inputs. I've also tried logging into Simbrief outside the sim, but once I open the panel I still have to login in-game. Anyway, this is a fantastic panel and thank you!!
  • I have found that when I try to login to anything (this panel or others) while in-game, MSFS seems to read the keystrokes and I find myself in slew or tracking mode. If possible, it's best to login outside MSFS then startup MSFS.
  • Brilliant, if you could work out a Navigraph panel it would revolutionize VR in MSFS. And I would gladly pay for that panel!
  • Looking forward to using this, however, I can't get the Server bat to work. Ebag_images is correctly placed under "Documents" folder. I have full Admin rights to folder. Sart bat won't find "Tiny.exe". Do I have to wait until I start MSFS to execute?
  • Thank you so much for all of these VFR through the mountains flight plans! Great flights for GA.
  • Sure thing, my rig: i7-3770 3.4 w/turboboost. GTX1070, 32gb. VR is Samsung Odyssey Plus. Using latest W10 normal Windows Defender. So far no issues with Windows Defender. Cheers mate
  • No idea why but the new in-cockpit client crashes the sim as soon as I get to the cockpit. I hope I can still use the external client for now. Since I'm only flying in VR, it works better for me to login to the client before I start the sim. Cheers
  • I've been using this on every flight for a week now. Love it!!! VFR flying is so much better, aside from the eye candy in MSFS, we now get ear candy. This will recite MSFS Points of Interest (POI's) and community addon POI's. It's real easy to use and easy to make your own POI's (on the website). Get this, you won't want to fly without it once you start!
  • Thank you, the two I would like to redo are: (1) Pinery Provincial Park (located on the SE shore of Lake Huron Canada) and (2) Labatt Park located in London, Ontario Canada.
  • Not a bug, but I would like to be able to correct my additions to the POIs. If I have imported from Wikipedia, I can’t seem to edit the information after saving. I noticed in the first couple I added that the Wikipedia info was superfluous and I was hoping to shorten the info. Thanks
  • I have to agree with CaptVirtual. This is BRILLIANT!! Now I can do unscripted bush trips and get amazing audio information on interesting points of interest with a very lovely voice! Thank you for this. I see greatness with this product.