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Twitch streamer and fan of Alaska Bush flying for Alaska Adventures and Return to Misty Moorings. 
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It's the Black Box Simulations L-19 for MSFS2020
Added it in volume 2 today. Spent the day making the lodge for ya Enjoy
Check out my Northway and Chicken scenery. Done
It's on my list, but I cannot find any photos of it except the FSS building.
Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated
True enough and fair comment. The issue I have with it is that there are so few planes available to us and I have no models to add that aren't from MSFS that it starts to get overdone, so I just left it empty of parked planes. It's not a terribly busy airport, but prhaps a few cubs and cessna's would lend to authenticity. I will add them in an update.
Yes, potentially. I posted this to give some users access to the Runway End markers. No need to download this, but you can alter the 12 airports files to use this BGL instead
Fixed this issue. Please download the new version 1.2 Also thank you for pointing out the issue. Comments always help us do things better. Appreciate the feedback
Oh wow! thank you! I was not aware of that site!
There is no seaplane base at George Inlet, but that is a great place to land. All that means is that you can fly into there and out again, but you'll have to start somewhere else. There is no registered base there. It's so close to Ketchikan that its a great flight!
It’s the Black Box Simulations L-19/Cessna 305
Thank you for the comment. I changed the desciption here to reflect the ICAO for each airfield and air strip.

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