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Asia not getting much love with the scenery well done looking forward to more will the airport be in it as well or are airports separate
download ok. if you put the London airport alongside this will it crash
download fine that's a big download mate
Yes look forward to this nice work
ORBIT SYDNEY download to the community folder then dragged it over to addon folder will not show green, I get this Could not create symbolic link try & run as admin check folder doesn t already exists,
What's Going on What do u mean APPROVED IM NOT HAPPY
Mate, I'm in heaven with your charts
That's if it no trouble my good man Antigua and Barbuda. Bahamas, The. Barbados. Cuba. Dominica. Dominican Republic. Grenada. Haiti.
good thinking on update folder are islands around the world on your radar my good mate
Looked over all over the web your charts r better
Just had a look at your charts mate Thank u so much been looking everywhere for charts top job looking forward to seeing more
Thank u for this mate is Australia going to be part of this. I have not checked your list yet
Great job mate could you please put CROWN1 on this liveries it would be my dream to have my call sign on this

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