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It's really empty over here... this user has not uploaded a description yet. Maybe check back later today!
  • Lets hope all ENXX Airport Dev's use this to spice up the Airports ! I wish someone would embrace my hometown ENBN, there is a payware I see but I have been so spoiled by your airports, I want more of yours !
  • Love this aircraft :) ! I cant wait for the next update, I keep looking for it too, apologies for my impatience :) I wonder whats planned ... :)!
  • MYEY Hog Cay, Exuma
    18 day(s) ago
    Any plans of renaming the modelLib.BGL file :) ?
  • Update 2.0 - seems to be the same exact file as 1.1? ..doublechecked...it IS the same file :)
  • I have yet to try this out but I'm extremely impressed with people like you who have the knowledge and algorithm skills ! Are there any collaboration efforts ongoing with Sweden/Norwegian developers? You could help them definately :) This overlaps those countries, imagine a complete build for Scandinavia, that would be so cool :) -Thank you from Brønnøysund Norway, Finland here I come (bushflying :) ...
  • This should be fun to try out, thanks :)
  • ..Approaching from the east I barely made it alive and upon landing @ 30 degrees pointing left, then got swiped by a gust almost skidding off to the right side of the runway barely avoiding clutter and a hangar. So everybody landing here should take the challenge, Land it LIVE! Its a sinister version of russian roulette :D This is what I can throw at someone wanting to have fun with my simulator....( It'll teach them a good lesson hahahaha ! )
  • I think the sdk has been updated...and...irony aside, maybe you want to upate this ? Thank you so far for your effort :)
  • Be polite and appreciate that this is a WIP - Work in progress! I think things are coming along nicely, notice the work put into it and how frequent the updates are coming. Keep up the good work and thank you !
  • Adrenaline going with Live weather ; windy, foggy, dangerous! But thrilling !
  • Amazing ! ...I held off waiting for the 0.5 version....I'm blown away, this jet flies well indeed and I LOVE what you all have done here ----what an effort ! Thank you so much ! ( 5 stars here but site wont let me rate it...and I have flown it for an hour I was so fascinated...)
  • No readme file, no change in new files, same as 1.3 ?