Compatibility of add-ons

When new versions, patches or updates are released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it can happen that add-ons, such as sceneries or liveries, no longer work properly. In the past, it often happened that a sim update made add-ons no longer enjoyable, for example, because Asobo or Microsoft changed something related to how mods and add-ons work. We have therefore introduced a compatibility indicator which is displayed below a file's title, showing whether the add-on is expected to be still working with the latest sim update.

When is an add-on considered compatible? 

  • All add-ons released later than the most recent game patch are automatically considered compatible. Also, add-ons are automatically marked as compatible if the time of their last update is later than the release time of the game patch. Example: Microsoft launches a new sim update on January 01. All add-ons released or updated after January 01 are considered compatible by default.
  • Creators can set the compatibility status of their add-ons by using their dashboard. For each file, creators can set which sim version it is compatible with, even without uploading a new file or updating their file, since it is possible that a game patch had no effect on the add-on's compatibility.
  • All files updated or published earlier than the date of the latest game patch are considered incompatible once the new game patch launches, until the author himself either updates his file (see the former), or marks it as compatible (see the latter). If the author does not react, the community can vote whether an add-on is compatible or incompatible for the new version of the game. If more than 10 users vote for "Compatible" by giving a thumbs up, the add-on is automatically set to compatible

How can I manually set my file to compatible?

Navige to My Uploads and choose the file you want to modify. A bit further down below the description field and search keyword field you will find the compatibility field. Click on it to select the compatibility for the respective versions and save your changes afterwards.

For more information about the compatibility status of an add-on, click on the status banner to expand the history.

The compatibility status is just additional information for users and it has no other effects or consequences. The above procedure applies every time a new game update has been launched by Microsoft or Asobo. 

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