What is Karma and what is it good for?

With Karma we are introducing a new - let's say - currency. For each relevant action you do on our website, you gain Karma. The more Karma you collect, the better. Earn Karma to level up in our Level Progression system from Trainee to General. Each level requires a certain amount of Karma points. Your current rank is shown publicly on your profile. You can also check your current level progression and all available ranks on the Community Karma Page


For now, Karma is a new feature. Thus there are only limited ways to gain Karma yet. We are planning to launch badges soon. You will automatically receive karma as soon as you earn a badge. You earn badges through certain action on the website. Check back soon to get to know more about this, as this feature is yet in development.

Gaining Karma

For Creators

Upload a new file + 100
Hit more than 100 Downloads on a file + 50
For each file rating above 4 stars  + 20
For each new update of your file + 50
For each new Like on your file + 5
For each new Follow on your file + 10 
For each new Follower on your profile + 25 
For completing requests + 200 + Bonus 
Upload your first profile avatar + 50
Comment on a shared file  + 10
Wallpaper Submission + 5

What can I do with Karma?

Currently, Karma is only used for our Level Progression system and it can give you some cool profile badges some day, alongside with a rank on our Discord. We're planning to introduce Karma rewards soon, please be patient.

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