How to install new Liveries to Flight Simulator 2020

Download any livery of your choice on our website. Most liveries support a simple drag-and-drop installation method. In this case, you just need to drag-and-drop the downloaded livery into your Community folder. Liveries supporting this installation method are often tagged with "Drag-and-Drop" or "New Method". Nowadays this should be almost every livery you find. 

Step by Step

  1. Locate your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder. This is the folder where Microsoft Flight Simulator game data is primarily stored.
  2. You need to locate and open the folder named Community. Check this guide, if you can't find your Community folder!
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded livery into your Community folder.
  4. Start the game and your liveries should be available!


We're going to download Lufthansa Livery - Ultra Resoution by Operatorland468. Once the download finished, we open the ZIP file by simply double-clicking it. Attention: It may be that you download a livery that has been compressed and is in a RAR archive instead of a ZIP archive. To open RAR archives (.rar files) you need an extra tool - for example 7-Zip or WinRAR. Both are free. If you haven't installed one of them, go ahead and after that you can click on the downloaded .rar file with a Right-Click and choose "Extract here" or "Open Archive". Then, simply drag and drop the contents of the archive into your Community folder.


Once you put the downloaded livery inside the Community folder, the path of your livery installation should look like below. Remember, this is just an example, so the name of the livery-folder can be different based on which livery you downloaded. In our case it is OperatorLand468-livery-a320NeoDLH. 


Once you open this folder, there should be 3 items inside. You're ready to go, restart the sim and select the added livery!

Repeat those steps with any livery you like.


Please ensure 

  1. You are downloading a livery that supports the drag-and-drop installation method.
  2. You are not installing the packed ZIP or RAR file into your Community folder, you need to install the folder inside the ZIP or RAR file (extract it).
  3. You restarted your game.

If the livery is not showing up

  • Make sure you followed this guide step by step.
  • Check on the items page for comments of other users that may be facing the same issue.
  • If others are facing the same issue, contact the author via DM and kindly ask him for support, as the livery may be broken. However, this is unlikely.

Video Tutorial

There are some useful tutorials on YouTube for example, showing you how to install liveries or other add-ons step by step. For example the one below.

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