Spitfire IX ML296 DU-N of No 312 (Czech) Squadron as flown by Slovak Ace Otto Smik. Born in Russian Georgia, he grew up in Bratislava. After the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, he decided to escape and fight Germany. He joined the Czech army in France in June 1940, and joined the Czech squadron of the French Air Force. After the capitulation of France, he reached the UK and joined the RAF, becoming a pilot officer in 1942. He joined No 312 (Czech) squadron, where the senior pilots disliked him for having no experience, yet being an officer. He was transferred to first 310, then to 131 and later to 122 squadron at RAF Hornchurch. When 222 squadron was transferred to Hornchurch, he changed squadrons again. On 15 july 1943 he shot down his first German aircraft and others quickly followed to a total of 10.5 kills. After training as an instructor, he returned to active duty, first with 310 and then 312 squadron. During this time, he shot down 3 V-1's in one mission. On september 1944 he was shot down over Holland, but managed to escape and return to the allied lines. In November 1944 he was promoted to squadron Leader, and given command of 127 squadron. During a mission over Holland on 28 November 1944, he was again shot down and killed near Zwolle. He is buried in Bratislava.  Repaint by Jan Kees Blom.

Version 2.1 contains more authentic stencils all over the aircraft