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#Real-Life Papua New Guinea Exclusive Drag and Drop

Missing bush strip in the mountains of Papua New Guinea, where you can try to redo this flight of Missionary Bush Pilot from AYGA to AYBI in MSFS: The MOST STRESSFUL LANDING of 2020

The dirt runway at an alt. of 2050 m has a slope of some 15%, you have to land upslope on rwy 22. Try it with the Caravan (set weight to 200 kg less than MTOW), and set the weather to clouds with some showers. For added difficulty, mix in some knots of tailwind. Good skills if you manage to do a soft landing in the first trial!

Oh, just saw that there is already a good version of this airstrip by Milosanx. So his may be better, but for my version you don't need additional libraries.

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GPS Coordinates -6.27, 144.99


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You just gotta love these lil airstrips! 😀


2 month(s) ago
Yes, as I read in the version from Milosanx, the name of the settlement actually seems to be something like Aybai, and the strip has no ICAO. But as I checked and there was no AYBI among the stock airports. And the coords given for flightsim.to are just for the scenery map, where an error of some 100 m is negligable.


2 month(s) ago
Great. Thanks. Love that video and was wondering where it was.
Coordinates are a little imprecise: -6.265082, 144.987323
Also I found that ICOA code AYBI is Bewani airport farther north. Couldn't find an ICOA code for this airfield

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