W10 Whidbey Airpark, US

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Version 1.2
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#Handcrafted #Nature #Real-Life United States Exclusive Drag and Drop

Hello Guys! This is my first public airport for people, W10 Whidbey Airpark is a nice regional airport consisting of 16 Parking rows and many activites, Long, but skinny and trees are really a challenge. I made all of the airports with the help of the free models and textures of Asobo. Please do not reupload or redistrubute my work anywhere else withount credit. Again this is my first airport and I hope you guys enjoy it. There are some personal tweaks I am working on with this aircraf that will make it just that little bit better, but at the moment this is enough and I will continue to upload it in a later on date. Tree's were accurately reposted with a help of a friend who has flown out of there before. Enjoy! 

Feel free to join the W10 hangout discord at: https://discord.gg/RzWdAWQCdA 

No runway markers  are intentional as there are none IRL.

Have fun pilots. Stay safe

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.2 March 06, 2021

    - Moved Parking gate number 14 slightly forward.
    - Connected fence to hangar.
    - Lowered treeline in the back like IRL.


  • Version 1.1 March 03, 2021

    - Added more trees everywhere for realism.
    - Fixed the runway start so it starts at the start of the runway.
    - Added small scenery changes to the fence, and other misc. items.
    - Removed parking area (Because I didn't like how it looked.)
    - Added picnic to the right side of the airport like IRL

  • Launched March 02, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates 48.0221522 -122.4547409

  • plicpriest1
    8 day(s) ago
    Something seems to be wrong with the downloader. I get a zip file that is corrupted and is only 16kb in size. Anyone else having this issue?
    • starflexthe2nd
      8 day(s) ago
      I'll check now. Unfortunately due to Sim Update 3, the old WIP files were corrupt, so I have to stay on version 1.2 but I'll check this now.
    • starflexthe2nd
      8 day(s) ago
      Okay, I just had a check and file size is suppose to be 16KB, and I downloaded it and there was no known issues, everything was fine. when you open the .zip with winrar, then there should be a file called W10, just drag n drop that into the community section.
    • plicpriest1
      7 day(s) ago
      Thank you for the reply. I re-downloaded this airport. At first I had the same issue. However I used 7zip to extract it. I dropped in the community folder and the airport seems to be working correctly. Some reason my windows extractor didnt like it. Or maybe Avast was screwing with me again. Either way its working now. Thank you for your time and attention
    • starflexthe2nd
      7 day(s) ago
      All good. weird issue. haha
  • flyingbasil
    1 month(s) ago
    wow, thanks for making W10! I live near the airport, and would be happy to provide you with reference pictures!
    • starflexthe2nd
      1 month(s) ago
      Hey. Yeah anything helps just contact me on discord starflexthe2nd#0327
      Nathan has provided me with as many helpful keys as possible and I will be making a significant update within 24 hours that provides it with more realism.
  • nathanknox2
    1 month(s) ago
    W10 looks amazing there never would've been a good looking airport i enjoy flying out of and to!

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