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Version 0.85
Initial Release February 27, 2021
Last Updated April 17, 2021
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#Real-Life #Experimental #Handcrafted Exclusive Drag and Drop

The Airbus H135 is a collabaration between Hype Performance Group and developer David Amenta who is responsible for the flight model, gauges and aircraft systems present in the H135.

This build does not represent the level of quality we seek to achieve by the time we get to an 1.0 release. We are just a small team and by releasing our development builds to the community we get instant feedback that helps us make every update to the H135 an improvement over the last. 


It is very difficult to respond to every comment as we have multiple threads up across different flight sim forums and websites. For troubleshooting help and exclusive access to our test builds please join our incredible community of over 2K members over on Discord!





* Unzip and place the folder into your community folder 

Community Folder Default Locations:

For those who purchased the game from Windows Store:

- C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who purchased the game from Steam Store:

-  C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\



* PharaohSteve - MediaHypeTrain – Co-Founder, Producer

* davux3 (David "Dave" Amenta) – Co-Founder, Lead Developer (Flight model, Gauges, Aircraft systems)

* Destroyer121 – 3D Artist, Developer

* zangeeef – Developer

* Crispy136 – 3D & Livery Artist



* Flightsim Squadron’s EggMan & kingdmac for their early modeling advice

* SJFLY2 who was the very first creator to make a heliport for our Airbus H135!

* mnpostema and FireFx for their sound design contributions
* AeroLynx, benimix, GBZH35, Tonypezz & kubay who have each contributed modeling advice or work


Thank you to everyone who has supported this project through donations, social media post, YouTube videos, Twitch streams and most of all - the other creators here on Flightsim.to that have created incredible scenery and liveries for H135 pilots. NeoFly is an incredible addon that adds so much depth to the sim when using the H135 and other aircraft.


More in depth notes are available on our Discord with images showing recommending mappings and settings.


With our Airbus H135 the “Throttle axis” controls the H135's collective, and the H135's FADEC system (enabled from the middle PFD panel) will automatically control the RPM and engines and must be turned on to fly.  

We have multiple flight modes to choose from on the lower GTN screen:

* Xbox: Less responsive controls optimized for xbox sticks.

* Basic: More responsive version of Xbox mode, lacking many dynamic helicopter effects

* Advanced: Introduces engine torque and more subtle dynamic effects that add up to feel like a real life helicopter.

If you encounter an issue that is not covered in the notes below and cannot be resolved by asking our testers in the #?feedback channel on our Discord, please send a message to @Support Bot describing your issue - this will create a ticket for our team to review with you.



You can assume that all issues below are being worked on by the development team. We have listed the temporary fixes and ETAs whenever possible.

* Make sure the FADEC button is on before taking off for flight

* Some external tools (like Kinetic Assistant and PushbackHelper) leave a file in your Documents folder called SimConnect.cfg that prevents H135 from reading your controls. Rename SimConnect.cfg to any other name and then start the sim. H135 controls will now be functional. Don't forget to check this before each flight if you use these tools

* “Throttle Axis” must be used. The helicopter does not support split throttles such as “Throttle 1 Axis” “Throttle 2 Axis”

* First load of the H135 requires 30 to 90 seconds to initialize our flight control module before flying. The “Flight Mode” button will be red and say “DO NOT FLY” until our module is initialized and ready for flight.

* When first loading into the sim, you must move your throttle axis for our helicopter to recognize it, otherwise you may find the helicopter takes off on its own.

* Xbox controllers by default are unable to split and control the yaw axis, there are workarounds posted below for the time being.

* We allow you to crash and damage the helicopter, disable crash detection if having a tough time

* Flying under bridges will cause a collision if crash detection is enabled, and on occasion require the sim to be restarted, fly under at your own risk

* The helicopter cannot have multiple devices mapped to the same input axis at the same time. Ex: using a X56 joystick and Xbox controller at the same time will conflict if they share any bindings



Players should adjust sensitivity for their personal taste. Dead zone range needs to be adjusted depending on your own hardware. Other owners of your hardware in our Discord server may be able to offer assistance however.



It is recommended that you create a new profile in controls specifically for the H135 so that you do not impact any other aircraft you fly. Select your H135 control preset when flying the H135.

You can have full control by remapping both joysticks to function like an RC drone, at the sacrifice of moving the camera around:

* Left stick: Throttle Axis and Rudder Axis, 
* Right stick Elevator Axis and Aileron Axis
* Camera controls must be removed from Right Stick to avoid the camera moving around when trying to fly.



Have no ability to control the H135? Used Kinetic Assistant or Pushback Helper or other addons?

Check your Documents folder for a file named SimConnect.cfg. If you have this file, rename it to another name, then restart the sim. H135 will now work.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 0.85 April 17, 2021

    In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

    This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

    You can join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUNDGb2Z7c

    0.85 changelog is as follows:

    - Add annunciations top panel (ENG FAIL, LOW FUEL, etc)
    - Align front, middle, and rear doors to their hinges
    - Added NORMAL and EMERGENCY procedures on the EFB library
    - Add QUICK REFERENCE to EFB library
    - EPU switch added to overhead (for when battery is dead)
    - Added endurance time to VMS page fuel section
    - GTC.H is a little more tame IF you enter at a very stable hover
    - HOV softkey is back and controls only visibility of the 'green ball' hover indicator
    - Changed default view to be VR friendly. Zoomed the view out as well
    - Reduce pedals animation coming through the floor
    - Low fuel is now presented in yellow
    - Added version.txt to each build
    - Integrated mnpostema's v10 sound pack
    - Updated liveries with more small detail
    - Add EFB documents as PDF in the Documents folder of the package
    - Add LVars for engine status (START/IDLE/FAIL)

  • Version 0.84 April 12, 2021

    In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

    This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

    You can join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUNDGb2Z7c

    0.84 changelog is as follows:

    - Fix subtle pitch/yaw connection bug.
    - Enable turning off the front and middle doors.
    - Faster power up self test.
    - Overhead switches fixed, textures added, all switches have an accurate label.
    - You may now add a configurable png image for each livery which shows up under the standby attitude indicator. Edit /html_ui/UserImages/User1.png which is used on every livery.
    - AP ALT hold is less likely to oscillate.
    - Autorotation drag reduced. Less 'nose down' to maintain speed. More glide.
    - Moved many unrealistic settings and options to the CONFIG page on the tablet
    - You may now open all 6 doors individually, see the doors page
    - Tablet now has AP page for AP functions
    - Tablet now has SPOT Light page
    - Tablet now has DOORS page
    - Tablet now has LIGHTS page (duplicated from Overhead panel, for VR users)
    - Removed tablet/GTN MFD Home/PFD Home, all flight planning and PFD stuff is under "Flight"
    - MISC page removed, all functions are now on tablet
    - Battery/Avionics switches moved to the overhead
    - MISC page now has a baggage compartment "camera"
    - Add a basic GPU model
    - Ground Trajectory Command Hover. Hold a GPS position. Engage on AP page.
    - Fixed audio arrows overlapping EFB on tablet/GTN
    - Add various state triggers to Tablet CONFIG page (engines off, ready for takeoff, cold & dark, fail engines in flight)
    - Add main display shrouding
    - Fix EPU plug showing after engine start
    - Fix EPU staying connected in the air
    - Dirty footprints removed from interior carpet
    - Various other textures fixed
    - Add BARO softkey (activate + use knob to tune) to FND
    - Fixed Minimums display on FND
    - Magenta ball is behind green ball when in GTC.H. Marks the target position.
    - Update documentation
    - Upgrade antitorque pedals to a much higher quality version by @GBZH35
    - Add an offline EFB
    - Add a warning for left click on ENG switches

  • Version 0.83 April 08, 2021

    In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

    This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

    You can join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUNDGb2Z7c

    0.83 changelog is as follows:

    - Animated torque pedals.
    - Added analog compass.
    - Added a number of detail elements to the cockpit.
    - Added fire extinguisher.
    - Added euronav control panels, keyboard outlets (inop).
    - Fixed engine control panel texture.
    - Upgrade lower radio, AP, systems panels between Capt and FO seats.
    - Install carpet.
    - Fix texture on base of cyclic.
    - Add emergency annunciations / engine control panel (inop).
    - Collective control animation now works on the ground with engines IDLE or OFF.
    - D-HECB is now the default livery
    - Switch added to overhead panel to remove the windshield in rain to prevent glitching

  • Version 0.82 April 06, 2021

    In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

    This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

    You can join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUNDGb2Z7c

    0.82 changelog is as follows:

    - Add support for autorotation
    - Add support for legacy SimConnect axis mappings
    - Tweak various textures, messages and indications
    - Increase the bank angle of HDG AP mode when over 20kts.
    - Installed plush cockpit seat textures, collective/cyclic, glare shield.
    - Upgraded engine control panel
    - Added a tablet
    - rotor blur animation is fixed
    - rotor tilt animation added
    - AP MISC page buttons up/down will now repeat on hold.
    - Flight model: fuel burn adjusted
    - Load station and fuel tank points adjusted
    - Apron start will now have fuel valves closed, and subsequently the engine start switches will show OFF
    - Add POWER UP SELF TEST. It will run at startup and indicate success then disappear in about 90 seconds total.
    - Adjust sound to mitigate phasing
    - Disable copilot
    - Added a "check landing gear hotkey" warning if changing the flight mode more than 10 times in 2 seconds. This warning is intended to display for users who have incorrectly bound hotkeys for landing gear.
    - Add a couple README files about managing the copilot, downloading the EFB
    - EPU 'white plug' when available, EPU EICAS when available
    - EFB on all screens (commands only on the 3 primary displays for now)
    - You may now use the PFD Settings page to select the preferred Wind option for FND page, and the COM channel spacing may be set (2 digits vs 3 digits on COM frequencies)
    - Add hpa vs in/hg baro mode in PFD Settings. STBY not changed. Must exit sim cleanly for the setting to be saved for next time.
    - EFB may now be accessed from the Top-6 softkey on each display
    - FND/CLOCK now available on all 3 displays
    - Integrate GARMIN GTN 750 beta -> https://pms50.com/msfs/downloads/gtn750-base-beta/
    - GTN750: Select Open GTN750 on the PFD Home page if installed. IMPORTANT: Avoid opening maps on the 3 main panels when using GTN750 to avoid a "max 4 maps" bug in the game that causes a CTD
    - Engine control panel revamped to use the yellow switches for OFF/IDLE/FLIGHT. Manual mode switches no longer used. Switch guards added.
    - You may now click the front pillar/strut to open the front left and right doors. the DOORS button will continue to open the rear cargo bay doors and the side sliding door.
    - Move (Cabin, Nav, Strobe, Beacon, Taxi, Landing lights to the overhead panel)
    - Move panel lights to the 6-pack of buttons
    - Remove all other 6-pack buttons
    - Move pitot heat to overhead
    - Move cargo doors switch to the overhead
    - Move fuel pump switches to the overhead (now two instead of one)
    - Move pitot heat switch to overhead
    - Speed up switches
    - Play some of the correct avionics sounds at startup
    - Move parking brake to OH
    - Move EPU connect/disconnect to an EPU softkey
    - Add a brightness control to 3 main displays
    - Add a power button to all 5 displays
    - Tablet is retracted by default
    - Aircraft systems page is deprecated
    - LOW NR warning aural below 97%
    - VMS NR gauge now goes to 100% for flight, stays at 100% until doing an auto
    - VMS N2 gauges now go red on failure
    - VMS Engine status IDLE/FAIL/STARTER at the top of page
    - Engine switches are wheel-only now
    - Add Animated cyclic control
    - Add Animated collective control
    - Two brand new liveries by @Crispy136
    - D-HYPE: a Black HYPE group livery (default)
    - D-HECB: Airbus Helionix corporate livery (soon to be default)
    - Baro on standby attitude indicator (knob only, not the display)
    - Click base of cyclic to hide it
    - Add red guards back to engine panel
    - Remove/hide LUM buttons from main displays (confusing/inop)
    - Tweak bladeslap sounds
    - Boost avionics sounds
    - Fix clipped ORI indicator in DMAP page

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April 14, 2021
Gear up hotkey does not work
April 12, 2021
Modification accessibilité
April 10, 2021
April 09, 2021
Airbus H135 mit Saitek X52 Prof.
April 07, 2021
  • simpilot2450
    7 hour(s) ago
    What a great addition to MSFS. Thank you so much!!!

    Crazy question - Is there some way of trimming a helicopter to relieve stick pressure? I am using a bravo throttle quad and the elevator trim doesn't do anything. Just wondering if and how I could introduce some trim to relieve stick pressure?
  • jimcarrel
    11 hour(s) ago
    Just had to add another donation!!!!!😉
  • zenomat
    12 hour(s) ago
    Tried with the latest MSFS version, but can't get it off the ground. Can't find that FADEC button which i've seen in some previous versions. Any ideas? Thanks 😊
    • ranger11
      9 hour(s) ago
      Watch new vids on Youtube.. Very helpful
    • yanlaoge
      5 hour(s) ago
      Where is the new video? Thank you!
  • funtime2021
    17 hour(s) ago
    regarding my earlier comment regarding London scenery looking awful during my flight in the h135. It would seem that there is a conflict with the Orbx London Landmark scenery and MSFS update 3. Sorry to have bothered you.
    Keep up the good work by the way, it is great to fly heli's in MSFS. I have voted by the way.
    Les Lewis
  • dan49
    18 hour(s) ago
    Bonjour à tous,
    Sur les écrans j'ai le message "Loading Flight Control Module" et les pales ne tournent pas. C'est apparemment lié au FADEC, introuvable sur la dernière version 0.85. Une idée ? Merci d'avance, because je ne décolle toujours pas.
    • Erikotop
      17 hour(s) ago
      il faut cliquer sur ENG1 et manipuler l'interupteur avec la molette de la souris. Idem pour ENG2.
      Bon vol.
  • phildetroyes
    19 hour(s) ago
    coucou superbe machine bravo vol surtout en VR valve index
  • funtime2021
    2 day(s) ago
    There seems to be an impact on the scenery, specifically London and surrounding area which I have just flown. I do not know whether this is MSFS though, there has been a lot of updates Manadatory plus france etc. I do have Orbx London Scenery packs it could be a conflict there. As anybody else had issues.
    Les Lewis
  • perella
    2 day(s) ago
    for some reason it makes msfs crash
    while loading flight
    • Raven1974
      13 hour(s) ago
      Same here.. loading Flight, CTD
    • Aceman1969
      9 hour(s) ago
      Same here. CTD while loading.
  • Jacques
    2 day(s) ago
    A big thanks to the development team ! Wonderful machine ! Enjoying it very much.
  • icebird4all
    2 day(s) ago
    Very nice Heli guys - i like it much! Will it be possible to have autorotation and maybe the ability to do a role or a looping with it? Should be possible irl - but at this state ending in a crash - since the heli isn't controllable anymore.

    Keep on guys!


    Cheers 😉
  • OnkelJu
    2 day(s) ago
    Nice pice of stuff. But with the new version MSFS stuck at the loading screen. Any suggestions?
  • Magehofer
    2 day(s) ago
    I ve downloaded V0.85 first time and want to use it with MSFS V1.15.8 - WU4. After Installation I see the copter and can choose them in MSFS; but the Avionics Switch don't work. All Displays stay black. I can start the copter with STRG+E and fly, but the displays dont work and the Control-Stick in the middle is not black, but white. What is wrong or what can I do?
    • Kallien
      19 hour(s) ago
      The same happend to me

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