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This is a simple excel spreadsheet into which you can input all the activities you have completed in MSFS and it will automatically calculate your % completion for each activity group and for the overall game.

Please make sure when recording an actvity, you at least populate the green shaded columns (this is used to record completion).

If you get some errors - right click and "clear contents" for all blank cells.

If you need more space to input data, right click and insert more rows.

The spreadsheet has quite a few tabs  - each one will record the % completion for that activity area as you fill it out.

  • Summary - Overall % complete for each recorded activity group and for the game as a whole. Also space to record your progress at previous dates (to the right of the calculated stats)
  • Flight Ideas - A scratchpad to fill in any ideas you have for things you would like to do in flgiht simulator in future
  • Aircraft - To track which aircraft you have flown 
  • Detailed airports - To track which detailed airports you have visited
  • Standard airports - Populate this with any non detailed airports you visit (I don't have time to type in all 37,000 (!) so you need to type these in yourself as you visit them.)
  • Photgrammetry cities - To record all the photgrammetry areas you have flown over.
  • Points of Interest - To record all points of interest you have visited
  • Landing challenges - Record completion of any completed landing challenges here
  • Flight training - Check off the lessons you have completed here
  • Bush trips - This is to record the number of legs of bush trips you have completed
  • Downloaded routes - Input any routes you have created or downloaded here

The reason for making this excel file was because with so many things to do in flight simulator I was finding it hard to understand how much of the game I had seen / completed.   (At the momrnt my score is a stunning 0.3% overall completion!)  Also sometimes it was hard to know what to do next wuith so many possible activities!  So this was a way of recording what I had done and providing a focus for my flight simulator sessions eg trying to achieve 100% in each category.

I made this for my own use, but thought it may be useful or fun for others and so am uploading it here as it is nice to be able to give something back to this great community!

This is just the first version of the spreadsheet - for the future I will add some more advanced functions to analyse your flight time per aircraft, location etc with graphs.

Please do give me a like if you have fun with this spreadsheet and find it useful.  Feel free to also message me with any comments or suggestions.  (If anyone has a list of all 37K airports in flight sim, please also let me know - that would be a great addition to the spreadsheet!)



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  • Launched February 21, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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