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Version 1.2
Initial Release February 03, 2021
Last Updated February 16, 2021
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#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop
Updated again (apologies!) ***Optional minor texture changes***
- Grey Red Blue livery changes:
'Skyhawk' now correctly silver
G18 insignia below the 'Skyhawk' removed for this colour only. 

- Added Grey Red Blue striped livery by request! Thanks tonyt!
- Added nosewheel stripes
- Fixed some small file and folder issues

Included are the Green, Blue and Gold striped livery with the Skyhawk insignia overlay on the door, as well as the Grey, Red and Blue striped livery, both with the Skyhawk insignia overlay on the door. I really think they're striking paint schemes!

Here they are for both the C172SP G1000 and Classic (premium) versions. If you don't have the premium classic, don't add those ones to the Community Folder. Please delete any older versions.

*Note: Currently the thumbnails don't reflect the new colours yet. My Project Editor is crashing at startup. Once it's solved I'll update them.*

As always, you can change the callsign to whatever you desire in the ATC Options menu on the main world screen.

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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.2 February 16, 2021

    'Skyhawk' colour changed to the correct matching silver on the Grey Red Blue livery.
    '18G' insignia (Kind of looks like N1 or H1) under the Skyhawk removed by request for the Grey Red Blue Livery

  • Version 1.1 February 14, 2021

    New Grey Red Blue striped livery added for both G1000 and Classic Versions!
    Added nosewheel fairing stripe texture
    Minor folder and filename updates

  • Launched February 03, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.


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