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Version 3.3
Initial Release January 24, 2021
Last Updated March 23, 2021
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#Real-Life #Handcrafted #Photogrammetry #Sightseeing Exclusive Drag and Drop


The Schempp-Hirth Discus-2b is a Standard Class glider designed by Schempp-Hirth.

NOTE: Crashing into the water will result in a full game crash. This is an unfixable bug due to the unique wing tilt.
NOTE: If your game crashes to your desktop upon loading into a flight, ensure your Weight and Balance is in limits!

  • Delete any old "aerosoar-discus" folders in your Community folder.
  • Extract the new "aerosoar-discus.zip" to your MSFS Community Folder.
  • Make sure you folder structure is /Community/aerosoar-discus/SimObjects/
  • Download Touching Cloud's Kinetic Assistant.
  • Map your "Spoilers Axis" to your throttle for variable airbrake control.

Required for Winch and Tow: Click Here to Download

  • Rohr 3D Solutions (Base Model)
  • Jonx (Developer)
  • Ian "B-21" (Gauge Developer)
  • CubDriver (Wind Sounds)
  • MSFS (Various Sounds)
  • TheAlx (API Developer)
  • Eggman28 (Assistant)
  • TjBurni (Assistant)
  • RPSeara (Assistant)

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Why is my glider not in-game?

Make sure you properly installed the Discus-2b Glider: 
(1) Delete any old Discus-2b Betas in the Community folder.
(2) Extract "aerosoar-discus.zip" to your MSFS Community Folder.
(3) Make sure you folder structure is /Community/aerosoar-discus/SimObjects/
NOTE: The most common reason your glider is not showing up in game is because you have extracted the ".zip" to it's own folder and most like the folder structure is not matching step #3.

Why is my game crashing to desktop upon loading flight?

Sometimes on your first intall, the Discus-2b's CG is out of limit. Re-Open the game and before you start your flight, ensure your Weight and Balance is in limits!


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I just flew in Hawaii with the EA-7 Edgley Optica. Do you know how FREAKING COOL it was to fly in Hawaii in this? This weekend I will fly in VR in Germany, London, France. Thank you so much



10 USD

Nice plane.! Would love to see a cat livery. And maybe some other plane liveries but very good job.!?




Hey here is coffee, its a dog!! ☕???










good job




Incredible job on the EA-7 Edgley Optica!







Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 3.3 March 23, 2021

    Added Paintkit Version 2.0 with a Readme and easy instructions.

  • Version 3.2 March 22, 2021

    - Loading Screens Removed.
    - Added lights to systems.cfg for future improvement and compatibility with Touching Cloud's Albatross app.

  • Version 3.1 March 21, 2021

    - Loading Screen now cycles Official Asobo Screens, Discus-2b and H135.
    - Full up-trim fine tuned to 80-90kph.
    - Separated upper/lower seat material for Paint Kit.
    - Fixed VR Camera (No Lens Flare).
    - Fixed Glass on Gauges.
    - Fixed Runway.FLT showing spoilers extended upon load.

  • Version 3.0 March 21, 2021

    - Fixed Spoiler Effectiveness.
    - Fixed Trim Effectiveness and Flight Dynamics.
    - Canopy and Dashboard are now only Clickable (Doesn't use Light Hotkeys)
    - Fixed Scrape sound on take-off.
    - Added a Paint Kit (Version 1.0).
    - Changed Interior Design/Coloring.
    - Fixed Glass on Instruments to be more clear and flat/less reflective.
    - Fixed Canopy Glass to be less tinted in exterior view.
    - Fine Tuned Systems, Aircraft, Sound and all FLT files.
    - Added Loading Screen and Discus-2b Tips.
    - Fixed Sound Profile for Multiplayer.
    - Fixed Landing Gear doubling sound.
    - Added a VR Camera profile with optimized settings for low reflections.
    - Fixed Navigation Unit Camera View.
    - If you start in a Parking Spot, they glider will automatically Slew to the center of the airfield upon clicking start.
    - Fixed CG out of Limits.
    - Toned down parking brake effectiveness.
    - Fixed Aileron wobble after Wingflex Update.

Pretty empty over here.


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This is an awesome glider model! Love the realism and the performance.
I don't know is it in use, but can I normally take off? Is there a bot in the second plane that can climb the glider at a higher altitude?
Comment fait on pour décoller ? Avec un remorqueur ? Un treuilleur ?
Merci de votre réponse
Although Condor-2 is my go to soaring simulator, it is great to be able to hop in a glider in MSFS occasionally, and it works well. Thanks for this and please add my upvote for a motorised version eventually.

To get airborne I just spawn to an off-airfield location or use slew mode to set initial altitude.
Been waiting for a glider as complete as this and i've been having an absolute blast, thanks a lot for creating this!

I have a question though; I feel like the variometer is a little jumpy even with gusts turned off, i saw some videos of this glider from earlier patches and it seemed a lot smoother, atleast audibly. Is this a known issue?
Can you verify the magnetic compass card as being correct? It appears backwards even though it moves the correct direction. When looking at 30 deg., North should be to the right on the card, not to the left. Unless this is something special. Thanks
Just a suggestion, mayber for another project: is it possible to add an engine to this bird, to climb "on your own" without any other assistance? I am looking for a glider for long distance trips, climbing with your own engine, thes sailing, if you need to climb back up again with your engline, the back to sailing... does this sound good foor you or is it impossible to create?

Like something like this:
How do you turn off the radio to enjoy a quiet flight? I only see hot keys on keyboard to change freq.
Hello. I have a problem with instruments. A variometer in glider is blank (inactive). Is it a known problem? I'm asking because in various videos I saw that it is illuminating and active.
Thanks for the amazing glider ! I love flying in this, one of my fav planes.
Very cool. This is a new way to fly and enjoy the landscapes.
Where are the sounds from?
Thanks for your quick reply it is better if I trim it but I dont find any thermals do you know good places?
How do I have to set the thermals with the Little Navmap and the nose is always going down is it normal? otherwise it is a beautiful glider well done
My sim keeps crashing when starting a flight with the discus! You need to check that!!!
scusa ma ha un motore sto coso?
Hi, I get a CTD while loading the flight - my weght and balance seems to be okay, or how should it be? I've just updated to the latest Hotfix of MSFS.
Top work! Your constant attention to detail is much appreciated, as is your decision to keep it freeware.
Hallo ,wer kann mir weiterhelfen,habe immer das alte cockpit....Danke vorab
Thank you, donate.

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