Nadi International, Fiji. Version 1.3

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Version 1.2.2
Initial Release January 20, 2021
Last Updated January 28, 2021
File Size 16.56 MB
Downloads 3,313
GPS Coordinates 17°45'17.4"S+177°26'38.1"E
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Intl. Airports Fiji Exclusive


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  • Version 1.2.2 January 28, 2021

  • Version 1.2.1 January 23, 2021

  • Version 1.2 January 22, 2021

    Version 1.2.1

  • Version 1.1 January 21, 2021

    Version 1.2

  • Launched January 20, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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This does not work in SU5 and on...

Hi JensPeter Thanks so much for this excellent scenery! I have sent you a message on the messaging app in that may highlight a small issue. Thanks Chris
I wonder if Fiji Water is shipped out from this airport?! ;-p
Hello nineosoe, Thanks a lot, standby for next project ;O)
Hello JP very nice job, sincerely !!! Expecting NLWW and NWWW =) if you planified them (Aircalin route...). Good luck !
This scenery is great, but i can't capture the ILS frequency (109.90). I tried to insert the frequency in the radnav page on A320, it didn't work. I tried to insert the 109.50 frequency, it did capture the ILS : INN/109.50, but the autopilot won't follow the G/S or LOC. I'm not an expert pilot, did i by any chance insert it wrong? Thank you. Oh and i downloaded the latest version.
Thank You Mathews, I intend to update all my sceneries when we get more access via the SDK, it depends though on Asobo, and to make it clear, the tools we are already given is fantastic and safe to use, so a High Five to Asobo ;O)
Can we expect this scenery to continue getting updates and additions? This is genuinly the first proper NFFN scenery for any flight sim and it looks incredible!
Thanks everybody for Your possitive contribution ;O)
This is about as good as an airport can look using only SDK models - well done!
I totally agree with your comment on the Addon Linker. Very professional and intuitive approach to the problem of managing mods.
Just tried this out, it didn't find the ILS 02 using 109.90 frequency. Looks beautiful though, hopefully the ILS issue will be fixed.
Looks amazing man, thank you!
Thanks Barry ;O)
nice scenery mate
This is actually payware level of detail, was well worth the 4hr trip from sydney, but i did find (with version 1.0), the papi was out (think 1.1 fixed this), and the ILS to RW02 didnt capture, even when manually entering the frequency (109.9 on jeppison chart), so had to land by hand, but awesome job !
Nice Work!
Great scenery. The PAPI lights are not functioning correctly (always says i'm too high). The control tower is also floating (no biggie)

Some of the buildings in the pictures don't show up for me as well. not sure why
Nice work. Can you do Laucala (Redbull) Island next?
This is overwhelming, Thank You All ;O) and Crankpin, one never knows

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