A first of a culmination of efforts in the AIG community; WF VHHH in drag & drop format without editing the original files.

A special thanks to bradley27 for the original parking codes of the VHHH edit in P3D and drobinho of the AIG forums for doing the subsequent updates to bring the airport into a to-date accurate representation of airline ops at VHHH. 


  • Correct & updated airline coding
  • Preserved wingspans on some gates for user aircraft
  • Preservation of original scenery files (no modifications or replacements required)
  • Parking spots edited and re-positioned


This modification utilizes the resized wingspan due to the Asobo bug that encircles a 6m bubble between each parking spot. Please copy and replace the "aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" in your AIG installation location. Drag and drop "z-vhhh-hong-kong-intl" into your community folder.

The original forum post



FSLTL and other traffic programs are not supported. For best use, only AIG is supported.