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MSFS G1000 StreamDeck XL Profile for LORBYs AxisAndOHs (AAO) and its SD Plugin

Package Version 1.0by Guenseli
You need LORBYs AAO and its StreamDeck Plugin to run this StreamDeck profile
SD plugin could be found on the bottom of the download site
Works only with current version of "Working Title G1000 Mod"

Important:The G1000 in StreamDeck works only with several profiles, so you can switch between the G1000 menues. Therefore, this package contains several SD profiles which you need ALL to install for a working G1000.It is not snychronised between the virtual cockpit and the SD, in other words, you have to control it from the SD only, to avoid a de-synchronisation in the menu.

complete control including the rotary knobs and map zoom for the G1000 PFD and MFD.

Strictly freeware, no other ways of distribution or sharing are allowed!Tested and working only with StreamDeck XL

It is a lot of work to do these icons and gather the variables. If you like it, please consider a little donation, thx!

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