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Last Updated September 19, 2020
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#Buildings #Real-Life Australia Drag and Drop


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  • Launched September 19, 2020

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is this one easier on the setup than your version 2.0?
@HammerheadH I think doing individual buildings, a lot of work! would help rather than doing the whole downtown area in one chunk. I want to do Liverpool, I was advised by Flying Theston to go that way, just pick a few iconic building and blend them in.
@brouhahaha Yeah you still need a bit of a beefy graphics card to run it, but I couldn't optimise it much more before the quality looked really bad. An update is coming soon so it won't kill your gpu unless your flying through the city, Stay tuned!
You still need to fix some edge areas, there is one avenue with high rises that is missing maybe that is better than those little houses. thanks
@ushallbeasgods those cities already have 3d buildings!
Tried this one, same issue with choppy framerates. I guess my 1080ti & 8700K just can't cope, 1440P ultra settings. Also, as soon as you get close to downtown Melbourne, the sim seems to update the whole area as a chunk which feels bad.
On the other I would love to see some places, that are not usually visited by other modders. There are couple of cities in Asia that has Google's 3d. Namely Macao, Hong Kong, entire Japan and some cities in Philipines and Malaysia. Also couple of big cities in Argentina and Brazil. If you find any of this place interesting, feel free to take a shot at it 😊
Many thanks for fantastic Melbourne.
I would love to see a modder give some love to Canada. Cities like Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg etc.

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