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About this file

A simple paintkit for the Cessna 152 Aerobat.


This paintkit currently includes:

  • Original textures for the fuselage, wings, tail, landing gear & prop
  • UV maps for the aforementioned textures (except the prop)
  • PDN files which combine these two things into one (will need to open these, but you can overlap them manually in Photoshop as well)


The included livery-c152-aerobat-template folder can be dropped in your Community folder to install it. You can just overwrite the textures in that folder. If you are going to rename the livery and texture folder, make sure to update the entries in aircraft.cfg as well as the layout.json!


If you want a sharper texture, you can just resize the textures to 4K and paint over them, this will increase the quality of your livery but also increase the file size by 4 times, so you have been warned!

NOTE: This paintkit only works for the aerobat version of the C152, the paintkit for the default C152 can be found here.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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    January 12, 2021

    awesome work and help. I appreciate it a lot

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