Puget Sound Cargo Terminals, Seattle and Tacoma WA USA

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Version 1.0
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#Real-Life #Cargo #Sightseeing #Handcrafted #Buildings United States Exclusive Drag and Drop
Updated scenery package for Puget Sound Cargo Terminals in Seattle and Tacoma WA.  Updates include:
  • Removed random trees
  • Added hand modeled cargo cranes
  • Added cargo container ships
  • Added cargo containers

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched January 09, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • MoonBirdOne
    2 month(s) ago
    Hey, this is great! This really made the ports look much more realistic. Those photogrammetry mounds were hideous and kinda creepy. Love the ships, too!
  • ngreenaway76
    4 month(s) ago
    I agree, separating the mods seems the way to go. im downloading this and just hoping it doesnt clash with the seattle mod: i live above port of tacoma and want to see it (and the city) better fleshed out
  • DennyAtkin
    4 month(s) ago
    This is awesome! Loving all the improvements you're doing for the PNW. Any chance you might consider in the next update separating Seattle and Tacoma into different drag-and-drop installers? The awesome Drzewiecki Design Seattle updates fixes the cranes in Seattle, and sometime odd things happen when add-ons clash since there's no scenery-layering system in MSFS.

    So it'd be cool if those of us who bought the Seattle city upgrade could still benefit from your hard work in Tacoma, if you could separate the cities into separate folders in the zip.

    Thanks again for all the great sceneries, either way!
    • Legin
      4 month(s) ago
      Yes, I agree with you!
      I have the Seattle addon from Drzewiecki Design and I think it would be great if you could separate Seattle and Tacoma into two different addons.

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