The Cessna 182 RG, also known as the Cessna Skylane RG, is a versatile and reliable high-wing, four-seat aircraft. It belongs to the popular Cessna 182 series, which has a rich history in general aviation. The "RG" in its name stands for "Retractable Gear," indicating its retractable landing gear feature.

The Cessna 182 RG is powered by a piston engine, typically a fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540, providing ample horsepower for a smooth and efficient flight. Its retractable landing gear enhances its aerodynamic efficiency and contributes to improved performance and speed.

The Cessna 182 RG has a reputation for reliability and durability, making it a popular choice among pilots worldwide. Its sturdy construction, combined with its ability to operate from various runway types, including grass and unpaved strips, expands its versatility and accessibility.

The following Little NavMap profile is designed with the closest numbers from the real performance plans and tested / tweaked to match the actual model from the simulator.



Head over to your My Documents\Little Navmap Files\Aircraft Performance\ folder and paste the file inside there.

Open LittleNavMap head over to Aircraft and Open Aircraft Performance, select the file and you are good to go!


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