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Version 1.3.1
Initial Release August 26, 2020
Last Updated March 01, 2021
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#Megapack #Real-Life #Fictional Drag and Drop

Dutch Livery Pack

This collection of liveries contains several liveries all of Dutch airline companies, this pack includes:



Simply drag & drop the livery folders in your Community folder!



1.3.1: Fixed KLM G58 livery

1.3: Changed all liveries to drag & drop method, added tons more

1.2: Updated KLM textures to v1.3

1.1: Updated for compatibility with mega pack v7.1

1.0: Initial release


Made by: Partydoos, R1NS3 & MattT

Why are the logos on the tail and engines mirrored on one side?

Unfortunately, this is something Asobo has to fix and can't be fixed by modders.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.3.1 March 01, 2021

    Fixed KLM G58 livery

  • Version 1.3 September 22, 2020

    Changed all liveries to drag & drop method, added:

    - KLM B787-10 - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM B787-10 Orange Blossom - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM B787-10 Orange Pride - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM DA40NG - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM DA40TDI - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM DA62 - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM Bonanza G36 - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM Baron G58 - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM Longitude - Made by R1NS3
    - KLM TBM930 - Made by R1NS3

  • Version 1.2 August 27, 2020

  • Version 1.1 August 27, 2020

  • Launched August 26, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

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    March 01, 2021

    Not yet a KLM787-10 with good tail logos. ??

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    R1NS3 replied Author Site Staff
    March 02, 2021
    Unfortunately not, Asobo has to fix this and I doubt they ever will at this point
    RC034 replied
    March 02, 2021
    Thanx. i hope they do.
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    February 28, 2021

    Seems not to work anymore after last MSFS UK Update...

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    R1NS3 replied Author Site Staff
    March 01, 2021
    What liveries are not working for you? I realised I forgot to update the KLM G58 livery (just fixed this in 1.3.1), but all of the other liveries should still be working
    Bertp01 replied
    March 01, 2021
    Apologies, I was wrong. The 747 is not in your package but I had used it before so assumed it was in yours. Found it, and checked but 320, 787 and others are fine. Thank you and have a coffee on me!
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    August 26, 2020

    Woo!!!!! Class pack!

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