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#Nature #Sightseeing Germany Exclusive Drag and Drop


This Bush Trip takes you from the northern end of the Black Forest, via a small excursion to the Vosges, down to the south to Basel. On the way you can explore numerous rivers, lakes, valleys and mountains and enjoy breathtaking views again and again.

This trip consists of 9 legs and will take about 4-5 hours to complete. Every single waypoint is described as detailed as possible. There is an English version and a German translation - for all my locals :) Thank You BuffyGC for the tool to realize this trip!

I myself live here in the Black Forest and hope to show you with this little trip my home from one of the most beautiful sides.


1. Download the archived file
2. Extract the file
3. Drag it to your community folder


This is my very first creation. It took quite a few hours to generate the trip and write the texts for the best experience. Feel free to contact me for any occuring problems with this bush trip. If you like it or dislike it, I look forward to your review.


Have fun & enjoy!



Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched December 30, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • itsmehigh
    2 month(s) ago
    I lived in Lahr, Schwarzwald for most of the 1970's as a Canadian army brat. Some of the best times of my life!
  • Ghawan
    3 month(s) ago
    Thanks frulx,
    your suggestion resolved the problem. Now I can enjoy your amazing work.
    • frulx
      3 month(s) ago
      That‘s great! Enjoy 😊
  • Ghawan
    3 month(s) ago
    I enjoyed the first leg very much. I was often at "Schwarzwald" in vacation.
    But in the second and the third leg I have a problem: Departure time is at nighttime (16:44 Trip 2 or 17:44 Trip 3 UTC) Looks nice... but nothing to see about the landscape not able to find the airfields. I found no way to change the time...
    Is there any help?
    • frulx
      3 month(s) ago
      I just checked the file and all legs are set to start at 8am in a summer setting with few clouds. Have the other settings been correct? Maybe you could try to delete the bushtrip from the community folder and re-download it. Your progress should be saved as long as you don't delete it.
  • tgmoog
    3 month(s) ago
    Did a very nice job in laying out the trip around the Black Forest area as it is very interesting in getting to know.

    You are right that much looks the same and from the maps the area seems densely developed compared with North America which means at times one's bearings can get confused if one does not pay attention and follow the map closely to realize certain landmarks.

    Anyway, I appreciate your effort.

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