Tocumen International Airport (MPTO)

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Version 2.2
Initial Release December 30, 2020
Last Updated March 11, 2021
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Intl. Airports
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  • Version 2.2 March 11, 2021

    Vehicle paths have been added to get further realism and prevent ground vehicles from occupying taxiways

  • Version 2.1 February 17, 2021

    Thanks to the taxiway sign generator of Dev Mode since 1.13.16, taxiway signs are added, although you are still advised to turn taxi ribbon on unless you are very familiar with the airport.

  • Version 2.0 February 07, 2021

    Handcrafted buildings for Terminal 1 and 2 are made to replace those autogen buildings. Gate numbers and positions have been fine tuned.

  • Launched December 30, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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6 month(s) ago
MPTO disappeared from my simulator a few days ago. I can only see the terminals in the area via VFR flight. There are now hills where the runways was before 😭 But i always loved this airport.


7 month(s) ago
Excellent design, however, when I select ILS 3R in creating a flight plan, the sim crashes. Not sure why it is doing that.


8 month(s) ago
Glad someone could not only add the airport, but make it look awesome! The quality of the terminal models is very good and the rest of the airport looks good too.


8 month(s) ago
A very welcome and extremely well put together addition to MSFS2020! I cannot believe Asobo left one of Central America's major international airports out! Anyway, thanks to you sir, I was able to complete my THREE video Series exploring the PEARL ISLANDS! Look out for my final video in the Pearl Island Paradise series (Return to Panama), featuring this excellent scenery, released on my YouTube channel this Sunday, 14th February at 12:00GMT. Well done! Lee James - VirtualAirlinePilot.Org
So far it is the best design I have seen of the Tocumen Airport. I hope they continue with improvements because I noticed that on track 03R it looks double ... thanks


9 month(s) ago
I love it, thank you


9 month(s) ago
I downloaded and installed this airport recently. I was able to see it momentarily as I accidentally used a Boeing 747-8 to check the ground services. I noticed the aircraft was toom large to fit at one of the gates I had selected, after a second try, the airport did not show up and evn now st doesn't even appear on the list. Could it be a conflict with Asobo as it happened with other thrisd party creators> Thanks.


10 month(s) ago
This is much better than not having MPTO to fly home to.
Too bad Asobo didn't include it.

Thank you

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