Travel to 'Middle Earth' and experience the real world of J.R.R. Tolkien

Back in 2001, director Sir Peter Jackson released the first film in the trilogy of 'The Lord of the Rings'... also bringing the beauty of New Zealand to the rest of the world. Filming throughout the North and South Islands helped create the world of Tolkien and 'Middle Earth' in stunning detail - Discover these wonderful locations in flight... my preciousss

VFR Flight Plan

  • 879nm following track
  • 7-8 hours flight time approx. (Cessna/Cub)
  • Altitude up to 8000ft
  • Stunning scenery of the new World Update 12 'New Zealand' (be sure to go to the SimMarket and download for FREE)
  • Multiple film locations, studios and backlots -
    • Dead Marshes
    • River Anduin
    • Fangorn's Edge & Uruk-Hai Pyre
    • Misty Mountains & Isengard
    • Ford of Bruinen
    • The Argonath
    • Plains of Rohan
    • Pelennor Fields
    • Edoras
    • Dimrill Dale
    • Weta & Stone Street Studios
    • Dimholt Road
    • Trollshaws
    • Ithilien & Forbidden Pool
    • The Black Gate
    • Plateau of Gorgoroth
    • Mount Doom
    • Hobbiton
And many more...

Installation - 

I have included 2 files in the download zip - extract these files to a folder of your choice i.e. 'My Documents'

1) 'Lord of the Rings MSFS2020.pln' file for directly loading the flight plan into the MSFS2020

Once in the sim go to world map and click the MORE... SAVE/LOAD buttons at the bottom of the screen, then navigate to the folder containing the '.pln' file and click to open

2) 'Lord of the Rings LNM.InmpIn' file can be opened in the 'Little Navmap' software, for anyone wanting to adjust or add waypoints

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