GSX Profile for KORF Norfolk International Airport by Vertical Sim!
This profile includes all gates at Terminal 1 and 2 (A & B).
The profile aims to be as close as possible to real life and every included parking position features:

Accurate ground handling and catering companies
Accurate stop positions (based on the PMDG 737-800 for small/medium gates)
Custom vehicle placements
Custom pushbacks
Planned upcoming features:

Cargo stands, remote stands and GA/private jet parking
Walk in gates

Extract the .zip file and move the .ini file to %APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX\MSFS

Known Issues:

If you load into the airport, you will have to reposition yourself as the default load in spots are not accurate. Some gates the Jetway's may not operate due to this distance from the default load in spots. This is a scenary issue not a GSX issue. All of B gates work. A5, A3, and A1 appear to be the only ones not working.

Recommended to be used with the latest GSX update and the "Use SU10 Navdata API" option enabled in the FSDT Installer