What is this?

  • Do you like fun? Ducks! Ducks everywhere!


  • Tired of seeing the same bonanzas and generic aircraft replacements in multiplayer and as AI traffic? 
  • Seeing invisible AI/MP Cessnas?
  • Seeing reversing AI ships? 

Not anymore! Replace them with ducks today!

  • Custom duck models.
  • 4k and PBR and all of those fancy words.

Also consider trying my floatable/flyable/driveable ducky: https://flightsim.to/file/44555/ducky

Installation: Drop both folders (or just one of them) into community folder. 
I have separated this into two addon packages to let you decide if you want both ship and aircraft replacements or just one of them.


Replaces AI ships with yellow ducks.
Replaces Generic AI aircraft with yellow ducks.
Replaces missing C172 float and ski AirTraffic models with ducks of various colors.
Known issues:
I've been too lazy to customize wakes and lights for all ducks.




Hey .to mods! Sorry, it's me again! There's no category for "fixing-bugs-in-msfs-by-replacing-models-with-ducks" so I'm taking a wild stab at categories here. 

-uploaded by wombiiactual to flightsim.to on 22/12/22 and may not be uploaded anywhere else.