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#Fictional Exclusive Drag and Drop

Reupload of my pre-Patch5 livery,  more or less based on the fictional airline from the cult movie "Airplane!" (1980).

What else to say.
Good luck! We're all counting on you! ;-)

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched December 07, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

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    January 17, 2021

    "Shirley, you can't be serious"
    "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"

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    December 17, 2020

    You sir, win the Internet for today.

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    December 13, 2020

    Thanks for the great airfield

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    December 08, 2020

    if this doesn't sound like a 4 engine WWII bomber then i'm not interested! lol

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    December 08, 2020

    What's our vector victor!

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    December 07, 2020

    Mod in the sounds of the barons engines and its golden :)

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    December 07, 2020

    Roger Murdoch: "We have clearance, Clarence."
    Clarence Oveur: "Roger, Roger. What's our vector Victor?"
    Tower: "Tower has radio clearance, over."
    Clarence Oveur: "That's: CLARENCE Oveur! over."
    Tower: "Roger"
    Roger Murdoch: "Huh?"

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    December 07, 2020

    LOL... Stop calling me Shirley.

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