Explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands as you take to the skies as a tour pilot to fly tourists around West Maui in Hawaii. You will not be alone on these tours as our tour guide, Addison, will give you a custom-narrated tour as you fly over the fantastic coastlines, rugged canyons, white sandy beaches, and an extinct volcano.

Addison, our tour guide from Australia, will be giving your tour passengers custom-narrated tours with each flight. The tours are filled with points of interest information, Hawaiian culture and history, pop culture facts, and geographic information for the West Maui Tour.

The Adventure Tours Hawaii Demo includes the following:

  • West Maui Casual Pilot Start Narrated Tour
  • West Maui Advance Pilot Start Narrated Tour
  • Port Arthur Airport PC-6 Landing Challenge
  • Waimea Canyon Discovery Flight

This is just four of the forty-eight activities that are included in our full Adventure Tours Hawaii download package. For more information and to purchase the complete package, you can find it here on at:

Install Instructions

  • Extract folder to your desktop
  • Copy the adventumsims-hawaii-demo folder to your community folder.