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LVFR A319CEO A321NEO FBW A32NX Compatibility mod experiment

Minimal compatibility with a32nx experimental version of cockpit.Be sure to install the experimental version of a32nx as it will not work on its own. Based on the a32nx values, changes were made to the EFB fuel items, external light placement, engine position, static thrust values, and...


Minimal compatibility with a32nx experimental version of cockpit.
Be sure to install the experimental version of a32nx as it will not work on its own.

Based on the a32nx values, changes were made to the EFB fuel items, external light placement, engine position, static thrust values, and several flight model changes.
Additionally, a compatibility mod for the LVFR A321 was created with the same changes.
You can find it in the download options.
The original LVFR A321 has fewer flight models than the LVFR A319, so the change in operation is significant.
While using A32NX values the engine thrust has been changed and may not provide enough drag during descent.

GSX is not supported.

ParkingBrake=100.00 has been added to apron.FLT, so changing parking_brake to 1 in systems.cfg may avoid some messages.

This is an experimental attempt for my own use, so do not expect more advanced FBW integration, support, or ongoing updates.
Advanced FBW compatibility for A321 is available from Horizon_Sim.

Advanced FBW compatibility for A319 is available from Horizon_Sim.


Install the FlyByWire A32NX installer and install the experimental version.


Copy the three files FBW_A320_NEO_1.PC.PCK, FBW_A320_NEO_2.PC.PCK and sound.xml from ”/FlyByWire_A320_NEO/sound/” to ”/A319ceoCFM/sound/”.
This copy operation is also performed for the folders A319ceoCFM_acj/sound/, A319ceoIAE/sound/, and A319ceoIAE_acj/sound/.

Use MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe to update ”z_lvfr-airbus-a319-ceo-fbw-compatibility/layout.json”.
Drag file named ”z_lvfr-airbus-a319-ceo-fbw-compatibility/layout.json” onto the MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe.


If the community Liveries is not displayed correctly, do the following

Replace "Asobo_A320_NEO\texture" with "FlyByWire_A320_NEO\texture" in texture.CFG.

or "fallback.1=. \... Add "\FlyByWire_A320_NEO\texture" and rewrite so that the numbers do not overlap.



commit:ec70a41 support.
Fixed strobes on wings.
Reduced brightness of logo light.

I accidentally set parking_brake in "/A319ceoIAE/systems.cfg" to 1. I have set the parking_brake to 1.
If you are using toolbar pushback or have problems with its operation, please change it to 0.

Added A321 version.


The service item in flyPad is not working.
The payload item appears to be available, but there is a discrepancy between the notation and the actual weight.

Fuel must be refueled from the flyPadOS 3 EFB. For payloads, select the desired weight from the MSFS toolbar and move the CG position back and forth.

Since the main work to deal with new commits is to replace the wasm file, you can replace the wasm file yourself to deal with the latest version without waiting for this mod to be upgraded.

You are free to use it, modify it, etc. without contacting me as long as you credit my name and this URL.

Sim Update 12 0 0
Initial Release
October 07, 2022
Last Updated
2 month(s) ago — 1.3.7



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This file has been scanned for viruses and is safe to download.

Archived. This file has been archived and is no longer supported by the author.

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  • Updated to version 1.3.7

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I followed all steps but when I try to load in my instruments don`t turn on

Cant get to turn on, I have sounds and I followed all the steps. But the displays on the A319 are all black and I have the APU on and tried with the GPU on also. Made sure the display knobs on the top are also set correctly. Wondering what Im doing wrong here

Does it have to be FBW experimental version? it wont work with development or stable at all?

Great Work!! Plz also make a A318 Mod??>!!!

Does this modification work on LatinVFR - Airbus A321neo ?

I love this mod but my sound does not work and idk why. In the sound folder i have the FBW sound but i have removed the Asobo sound if u can help pls help.

is there a chance that you will also equip the a318 from LVFR with the fbw mod?


Can you change the aircraft name and engine in mcdu?


Will there be a compatibility mod for the new released LVFR A 318 ? 😉

Sounds working nice, but i miss at approach the call outs i.e. 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, Retard.....

Does anyone has the same problem and found out how to fix it? Thank you for reply.

all lights are not clickable except the strobe.

I am confused on how to install sound? Can anyone help!

Hi, now GSX PARKING BRAKE working Please FIX and Update

A319 Please

Hi, can I have support?

I can't see any liveries after download the zip file and rewrite all files

I have this texture file









What is wrong?

Other question, where I can find the sound.xml?

Hello my engine sounds are not working i already reinstall FBW and the mod and Lvfr a319 and nothing changes ?

When im flying, the displays and ipad have a brightness bug, sometimes is at 0% when im already just put it at 100%, and have a beacon effect ¿Any Fix?

I cant get the sound to work, i have copied the 3 files and updated the layout.json....but no joy...done that 3 times...

does anyone have problem with custom views with the a319 like not centered in the window

I can't download msfs layout generator as an app. It's just a group of files, am i doing something wrong?

so.....how do you install this? You install the FBW A320 and the A319?

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.3.7 February 08, 2023

    commit:4d5c4f9 support.

  • Version 1.3.6 January 10, 2023

    commit:ee7dee5 support.

  • Version 1.3.5 December 28, 2022

    commit:0c3703d support.

    Fixed a problem that caused a large number of white lines on the cockpit window when the taxi light or landing light was turned on when the weather was rainy.

  • Version 1.3.4 December 18, 2022

    commit:4b3b939 support.

  • Version 1.3.3 November 11, 2022

    commit:87c5921 support.
    Corrected the position of the parking lights.
    The intensity of the TAXI light and the RWY TURN OFF light were reduced slightly.
    Reduced beacon lights projected in cabin.
    Fixed EXTERNAL camera position.
    Adjust gear static compression.

  • Version 1.3.2 November 04, 2022

    commit:ec70a41 support.
    Fixed strobe light on wings.
    Reduced brightness of logo light.

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