CYFB Iqaluit

#Real-Life Canada

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Version 1.0
Initial Release November 28, 2020
Last Updated November 28, 2020
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  • Launched November 28, 2020

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Tres belle job sincerement, moi qui travail depuis 2 ans a l'aeroport d'Iqaluit, je ne sais pas si tu a prevue de faire une mise a jour bientot, si jamais tu as des question, ne te gene pas, sa va me faire plaisir de t'aider

Fantastic airport, but I find myself with a problem, the lakes appear within a depression of the terrain or on an elevation.
It has a solution?
What country is it in, please?
Nice, please replace the A380 with a more suitable airliner as such a size airplane doesn't seem right for this size airport. Cheers
WOW! I'm finishing up my lap around the American continents, and did NOT expect to see an airport this good so far north!
looks amazing!! you should tag Canada so it'll be easier to find

Any chance you can add some lighting at the ramps? It's a bit tough flying out now because we're approaching 24-hour nights

Lovely work though!
I actually wish I could give you money for this, so you will continue to do Canadian airports at this level. Please don't stop.
Awesome, best freeware scenery I've seen so far. Nice custom buildings and the static planes even include a A380, Large military transport and even a good helicopter.
This scenery contains modellib.bgl which conflicts as per Asobo's recommendations. See the section here on CTD's being caused by scenery and how to fix it. Could you fix it please?
Magnifique JP, merci beaucoup, très apprécié.
Félicitations Mr Fillion tres heureux de vous retrouver sur ce site merci bcp😊)

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