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This is the Shiny+Gold Livery made by me used on my first World Tour on MSFS. I wasn't going to share it at first, but due to the  awesome help i received at ""Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020" facebook group, here it is :) 

(Thanks Mike Callahan for the hint for troubleshooting the stripes problem)

To install simply copy the "LONGITUDE_AIRHERICK" folder into your Community folder and Enjoy!

I hope this file be an inspiration to everyone who wants to make their own livery.

This copywrite covers the files included here in this download.This copywrite gives you writes to use this livery in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 only Please not upload to another page.
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    November 29, 2020

    I really love the design, could you maybe add a version without the texts (no disrespect, but immersion breaking since, sadly, I am not you :P)

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