The Rhine River - Track this medieval trade route from it's glacial source in the Swiss Alps to the North Sea

Sourcing from the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier in the Swiss Alps, the river winds it's way north through the heart of the continent, before forming Europe's largest river delta - The Rhine-Meuse Delta

Flowing past historical cities, towns and villages - cutting through steep alpine valleys, gorges, rolling grasslands, farmlands and cityscapes; Finally reaching the major trade and shipping port of Rotterdam

  • 765 miles of waterways and lakes to explore
  • Passing LSZR Altenrhein, LSFB Basel, EDFM Mannheim, EDDK Cologne/Bonn, EDDL Dusseldorf and EHRD Rotterdam
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VFR Flight Plan

  • 629nm from beginning to end (following track)
  • 6-8 hours flight time approx. (Cessna/Cub)
  • Altitude +4000ft within the Alpine valleys, falling to a comfortable 2000-1500ft - for those wishing a little less excitement navigating the steep valleys of the Swiss Alps... you may like to start your journey from Lake Obersee - LSZR Altenrhein
  • Stunning scenery of MSFS2020 World Updates IV and VI
  • ***NEW*** 'City Update1' (CU1) - Germany - Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf - FREE  from the in-sim Marketplace
  • 6 different countries - Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands
  • Major cities - Basel, Strasbourg, Mannheim, Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Rotterdam
  • Duisberg - The world's largest inland shipping port
  • Detour to the famous 'A Bridge Too Far' - (Major-General) John Frost Bridge over the Lower Rhine at Arnhem
  • Multiple stop offs with dirt, grass and hard landing strips
  • Waypoints located at key points along the river's journey - explore at your own pace

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Installation -

I have included 2 files in the download zip - extract these to a folder of your choice i.e. 'My Documents'

1) 'The Rhine MSFS2020.pln' for directly loading into MSFS2020

Once in the Sim go to world map and click MORE... LOAD/SAVE buttons at the bottom of the screen, then navigate to the folder containing the '.pln' file

2) 'The Rhine LittleNavMap.lnmpln' file can be opened in the 'Little Navmap' software, for anyone wanting to adjust or add waypoints

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