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A32NX: Unless otherwise stated by the author, these liveries may not work with the new A32NX Development branch as of today.
#Real-Life #Airliner Exclusive Drag and Drop

OK... I am going to repeat a lot of what I said for the BMI livery... not just lazy but unimaginative :)

British Midland International, or BMI, was born... essentially... according to Wikipedia... in 1938 as 'Air Schools Ltd': a way of training pilots for the RAF Volunteer Reserve. It changed its name to BMI in 1968 and by 1970 joined the jet age with BAC 1-11 500's and a Boeing 707.

BMI was acquired from Lufthansa by International Airlines Group (IAG) in April 2012, and was integrated into British Airways (BA) by the October . BMI's subsidiaries Bmibaby and BMI Regional were also purchased, although IAG did not wish to retain either.


In relation to BMIBaby specifically, it was set up in 2002 as a a low-cost subsidiary. Bmibaby used Boeing 737s which were displaced after BMI's fleet renewal programme favoured an all-Airbus fleet. Bmibaby flew routes between major and secondary airports around Europe from its bases at East Midlands Airport, Manchester Airport and Birmingham Airport until it was closed down by IAG in September 2012.


So, BMIBaby never operated the A320, let alone the neo. Given this, the livery is accurate for the baby, with the exception of one area where mirrored panels would make things look silly and also because I had to draw the tail face by hand and, well, got a little Smeary with it... you will have to pardon me.


The livery, tail number and name are accurate for this aircraft – although as much as I think 'Ice Ice Baby' is an awesome name for a plane, I would have preferred to have found 'Hasta la Vista Baby'. I would also have liked to have including some of the awful advertising they used to do but... IP and all that eh.


I hope you like this livery! Thanks go, once again, to Geeboy91. A true BMI fan!


As with every drag and drop livery – unzip, extract and drag the sucker into your community file. It will thank you in the end.



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Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched November 20, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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  • Geeboy91
    5 month(s) ago
    Yass my favourite airline I am glad that I requested this now. amazing art work 😊

    just wonder if you can. could you maybe look at creating JMC Airline only if you can just this one, BMI and other are fanastic

    Thanks again for creating this 😀
  • limandropo
    5 month(s) ago
    my favorite airline Baby. Thanks a lot, I didn't think I would see it again

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