This is a template and scripts for Axis and Oh's for the amazing HJet from Marwan Gharib and FlightFX. The plane currently doesn't use the standard MSFS keybindings for the autopilot, so these scripts map the various LVARS for the Honeycomb Bravo. Thanks to Les O'Reilly's SPAD.neXt videos on the HJet Discord for a lot of the variables. 

Includes scripts / template for:
- Throttle control and fuel cutoff (middle two on Bravo. Pull them into the bottom button for fuel cutoff, press them forward out of the detent to open fuel)
- Flaps (far right on Bravo)
- Speedbrakes (button at bottom of far left axis on Bravo so you can flick with your thumb - down is on / up is off)
- AP controls 
    - ALT increase and decrease by 1,000 feet
    - VS increase and decrease by 100 feet
    - IAS/FLC increase and decrease
    - CSC (uses the REV button since there is no REV on the HJet panel)
    - FLC mode (uses IAS button)
    - VS mode
    - TOGA set (uses TOGA button on left throttle)
    - Checklist Enter (mapped to both positions of BCN on Alpha so you can toggle)
    - Checklist up/down (not mapped as I don't have any free pushbuttons and don't use it)
No lights are mapped as the Honda Jet typically stays on NORM and all lights are automatic.