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About this file

About us:

Hello,We are the 8k Liveries group and we produce high quality liveries for FS2020. Since we could not upload all of the liveries at one time we will upload them by their corresponding areas throughout the world, in this case these liveries are for the Afro-Asia area.


Just simply Drag the contents of folder the  to your community folder


Copyright statement:

DO NOT distribute this without my permision or the developers permision

Liveries Included






-King fisher airlines

-Srilankan airlines

-Vistara (A320Neo and 787-10)

-Lao airlines

-Maldive airlines

-turkey star alliance livery

-South african star alliance livery

-EVA air star alliance livery

-Air China star alliance livery

-Cathay Dragon 

-Multiple philippine Airlines Liveries(A320Neo and A321)

-Multiple singapore liveries

-Multiple ANA liveries (A320Neo and A321)

-Multiple Japan Airlines Liveries (A320Neo and 747-800i)

-Multiple Qatar liveries (A320Neo and 747-800i)

-Multiple Saudi Airlines (747-800i and 787-10)

-Multiple Cathay pacific liveries (747-800i and a320Neo)

-Multiple Air Asia X liveries

- Arzerbanian (787-10)

-Arkia Air (A320Neo)

-El Al (787-10)

-Fly Safair 

-Turkish (A321)

-Royal Air Jordanian (787-10)

-Jet airways(787-10)

-Vietnam Airways (A320neo, 787-10, and A321)






Our Team:












The liveries were compiled by me (arnaumj)

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 3.0 February 14, 2021

    Updated multiple liveries
    Added Multiple Air Asia A320 Neo liveries
    Added Multiple Air Phillepine liveries A320neo and a321
    Added Vistara 787-10
    Added Saudi 787-10,747-800i
    Added Royal Air Jordanian 787-10
    Added Jet airways 787-10
    Added Vietnam Airways A320 Neo and 787-10 and a321
    Added qatar liveries (included are 747-800i and a321)
    Added Turkish A321
    Added Fly Safair
    Added Multiple Cathay pacific liveries (747-8 and a320neo)
    Added Japan Airlines 747-800i
    Added El al Livery for 787-10
    Added ANA A321
    Added Pacific Airlines A320 Neo
    Added Arkia air a320 neo
    Added Arzerbanian 787-10

  • Version 2.0 December 02, 2020

    -added turkey star alliance livery
    -added South african star alliance livery
    -added singapore star alliance livery
    -added EVA air star alliance livery
    -added ANA star alliance livery
    -added Air China star alliance livery
    -added Cathay Dragon
    -added japan airlines
    -added qatar one world livery
    -added 90's Qatar livery

  • Version 1.2 November 18, 2020

    -added Maldivian Airlines

  • Launched November 14, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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