Welcome to the NERIKENAUT Flight Companion Hub – a tool that lets you build your own profiles for the Stream Deck addon Flight Tracker to make your flights more immersive.

Important notice

To use this profile on your Stream Deck, you need to download and install “Flight Tracker”. Don't forget to give your thanks to Hy (the creator of Flight Tracker). Make sure to buy him a coffee or two. 


Step 1 - Open the “Official Profiles” folder and install every profile by simply double clicking on them. 


(Step 3 – If there’s an issue with the linking of the profiles, you can simply relink the profiles under “Official Profiles” after you completed step 1) 


About the NERIKENAUT Flight Companion

The Flight Companion turns your StreamDeck into an interactive controller that allows you to control your aircrafts different systems and gives you an overview of your most crucial gauges. Every profile comes with a startup and takeoff checklists. 

  • Get full control over your comms and frequencies - Hold the COM/NAV/XPDR buttons down on your StreamDeck to change your frequencies and squawk code. Push to switch between your standby and active frequencies.
  • Control your aircrafts autopilot through the StreamDeck – In the navigation folder you’ll find your aircrafts autopilot functions.
  • Checklists - Easy to follow startup, takeoff, landing and shutdown checklists to follow.
  • Overview of your systems - Have an eye on your Ts and Ps to get to where you are going in the safest way possible.
  • Full control of your lights - In the "Lights" folder you can easily access your lights panel without having to look around in the cockpit. 
  • Profiles by NERIKENAUT - The FLIGHT COMPANION HUB comes with nine profiles by me, these can be used as an inspiration for your profiles or simply to fly the Kodiak 100, Turbo Arrow, Twin Otter, Arrow III, Fox2, Seminole, RV-14, Skymaster II or the C310R.
  • Create your own profiles - In the "Assets" folder you'll find all the readings you need to create your own profile for your very own aircraft. 
  • The profile is regularly updated when new features are added to “Flight Tracker”. If you want to see certain features implemented – don’t hesitate to reach out.