The River Danube - Track the romantic 'Blue' Danube from 'The Black Forest' to 'The Black Sea'

Flowing from Germany's fabled Black Forest the River Danube travels through the heart of Eastern Europe, until finally reaching the coast of The Black Sea

Meandring passed historical cities, towns and villages - through forests, wetlands, rolling grasslands, farmlands; then cutting its way throught the dramatic 'Iron Gate' gorges of the Carpathian Mountains to reach the delta beyond

  • 1785 miles of waterways to discover and explore
  • Passing LOWL Linz, LOWW Vienna, LZBI Bratislava, LHTL Budapest and LYBE Belgrade

VFR Flight Plan

  • 1308nm from beginning to end (following track)
  • 10 - 14 hours flight time approx. (Cessna/Cub)
  • Entire flight can be comfortably flown at 4000ft altitude
  • Course takes the river through a world record breaking 10 countries - Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine
  • Passing through 4 of Europe's capital cities - Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade
  • Discover the vast expanding 'UNESCO World Heritage Site' River Danube Delta 
  • Multiple stop offs with dirt, grass and hard landing strips
  • Waypoints located at key points along the river's journey - explore at your own pace

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Installation -

I have included 2 files in the download zip - extract these files to a folder of your choice i.e. 'My Documents'

1) 'The Danube MSFS2020.pln' for directly loading into MSFS2020

Once in the Sim go to the world map and click MORE... LOAD/SAVE buttons at the bottom of the screen, then navigate to the folder containing the '.pln' file

2) 'The Danube Little Navmap.Inmpln' file can be opened in the 'Little Navmap' software, for anyone wanting to adjust or add waypoints

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