Lufthansa A20N Simbrief Airframe Links 

For extreme realism people only!!!

This is NO ADDON to the Flight sim these are only links to my Simbrief LH A320neos (AIRFRAME ONLY)

All 99% accurate and pays attention to the small details, 99% only because this is for the A320-271n but FBW simulates the a320-251n, and the same for the default a320neo

Don't use it unless you are trying to be very realistic.

Lastly don't complain about me not being an addon, As I said. THESE ARE AIRFRAMES FOR SIMBRIEF

I'm on vacation, So I might respond to your opinion late.


Simulated a320neos (all our Lufthansa)




 Recommended addon for these files

FBW A32NX | Lufthansa Livery | D-AIJA & D-AINM & D-AINZ » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Lastly I wish you a pleasant day ;D