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Version 3.13
Initial Release November 07, 2020
Last Updated November 17, 2021
File Size 173.66 MB
Downloads 11,132
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11,235 | VIII Captain

Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category Miscellaneous

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  • Version 3.13 November 17, 2021

    - New parachuting mission (Elena owners must re-download Elena and re-install to have Elena parachuting sounds)
    - Fixed bug in stacked missions log

  • Version 3.12 October 25, 2021

    Version 3.12
    - SU6 compliant
    - Fixed the issue with payload stations when the plane has more than 15 stations
    - Fixed FBO airline prices
    - Added Airbus H145 Luxury and Civilian
    - Added new campaign (perk)

  • Version 3.11.3 September 22, 2021

    - Now, exploration points are random all around the globe
    - Fixed sensitive missions stacked shown as wildfire

    - Added airline regional missions (PAX numbers now also suited to planes like the DC6 or CRJ): use Short Trip and Short Haul in the mission filter.
    - Added airline hubs
    - Now airline rewards are always higher than pax missions ( if same distance and pax number)

  • Version 3.10 August 08, 2021

    Version 3.10

    - Added Elena: real voices for all missions (paying perks, check Settings tab)
    - Recorded Events with real voices too : if you bought events before, you can get the new events with real voices with the same link you received.
    - Added Russian @Foox

    - Fixed doctor out too soon in emergency mission
    - Fixed survivor out too soon in SAR mission
    - Fixed illicite mission last sound play twice
    - Fixed VIP helico mission not ending if event played

  • Version 3.9.5 July 31, 2021

    - fixed cat. issue when flying mission
    - now humanitarian mission are not only generated in hubs

  • Version 3.9.4 July 29, 2021

    Fixed possible plane category bug

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I used to play this a lot. Now the Hard Runway mission selection feature just doesn't work anymore. The app won't generate new missions with it selected. Also if you only want to fly cargo or Pax type missions there are very very few of these to choose from - maybe 6 if you're lucky. I love the moving map feature and wish there was a separate app just to have that on it's own and that would connect to any flight you do. I'd pay for that feature by itself. So unfortunately I don't use Neofly anymore.

i start multiplayer server crash of desktop 😣 10x new install problem not solved

I am unable to get rid of a white search bar across the bing map in Neofly. Its been there since I downloaded and I am unable to figure out how to get rid of it.

Love the app, been playing since the very first releases but since 3.12 my app has crashed and will no longer start up again. Tried reinstalling etc, it will simply not start.

If like me you only fly in Airbus, and only want airbus missions, even in Sandbox mode, it will NOT work. An airbus here costs 3 million, and the starting sum is 1 million. It is therefore impossible to use this app. I may have misunderstood but I doubt it. Not knowing how to do anything I closed the software, a little upset I admit. If, on the other hand, you don't mind flying with piston planes, this app is for you. Not for me.

I love this tool, specially the generated emergency scenes including the custom 3D models. I hope it´s expanded with more mission types and more scenes with 3D objects to enhance the helicopter operations. This part is the one I enjoy most.


Amazing mod. A must-have!

A small error appears in the second mission. After flying around and doing multiple missions, the second one in the campaign does not display the "pink mark" anywhere on the map (i.e. where the doctor wants to go).

Hooked on NEOFLY, but completely UNABLE to resize the WINDOW!!! CANNOT even see the "Stacked" flights to engage them and fly.

Overall AMAZING FUN!!! If only NEOFLY could simply Configure the MAIN window to be FREELY resized so users can FIT the Window properly to their SCREENS.

Huge Thanks in advance. Incredible ADDON for FS2020 pulled me from AirHauler 2, which is Awesome but lack the Dispatch VOICE adding another level of Immersion to the Sim. Well worth trying and BUYING the addons that come with soon as they FIX the Window SIZING issue. As it it in version 3.11.4 ALL is fully functional except the "STACKED" flights which you can't see to engage as the WINDOW SIZE is LOCKED for some weird reason. Hopefully this will be resolved very soon as I am enjoying NeoFLY DAILY. Overall, A HUGE Thanks to "Neo" for this amazing labor of Love for us all to enjoy. Namaste

I really like this app, i have one suggestion, how about including aerial survey flights?

I like this app a lot!!!

i like NeoNly but i find the new qualification mission too hard to complete or understand how to complete them for someone like me to do who still leaning how to used the application

I like it, but I'd like to be able to go at any airport of my choice, with any mission of my choice.

right i bought the epic bundle...why do we not get the Elena pack?....Honestly i bought it to throw you a bone as others so you would continue to support this great free app...then you hit me with another 10 wait next update>? another 10 bucks>|? so neofl6y will cost as much as msfs2020? My b but that is no where in comparison my guy.....great app but no

What is the problem using a different livery? Why do I keep getting the problem of, "plane not in database,....."? Where is this database? Seems like a small thing to put restrictions on. I enjoy Neofly, but don't enjoy the fact I can't easily fly whatever livery I want to as long as I'm staying with the same aircraft model.

Anyone experiencing huge stutters each 7 sec? After the update to v3.10 it has become unusable.

It's a great mod. Is there any chance you could make an option so you could fly without doing a mission and still connect and use the moving map feature? It's one of the best features of the mod I believe. It's interesting to be able to see what you are flying over instead of the fairly useless POIs they've introduced.

Hum, I can't see anymore the option to add weight for the payload in MFSF. I can only see the weight for the pilot and copilot.. What do I miss ? Did something change with a recent update ?

My Neofly does not load up when clicking on start

What does the PAX needs me to do to get a green lamp? I adjusted the cargo of the aircraft as wanted from the mission but PAX never goes green...

What a great addon! is it planned to add an in-game map to check our postion without leaving the sim window? From the sim taskbar maybe?

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