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Have you ever dreamed of starting a career as a bush pilot?  Have you ever dreamed of working your way up ranks to be the captain of a heavy jet?  Now you can, using NeoFly as a free add on mod to Microsoft Flight Simulator!


Take Microsoft Flight Simulator further by adding a career.  NeoFly integrates with MSFS and gives you a sense of progression - the way that you want to progress.


You can hop from airport to airport in the bush, go from one treacherous mountain runway to the next, work your way across any country or continent of your choosing one airport at a time, or even climb the ranks to become a Senior Captain and fly heavy jets.  They sky is the limit!!  You choose your starting airport and take your career in the direction of your choosing.

New : exclusive multiplayer feature !

NeoFly features the following:


- Fully integrated audio through your entire mission for added immersion.  You will hear the dispatcher give you your mission as well as the cargo being loaded.  When you are all ready to fly, the dispatcher will contact you and let you know that as well.  You will also be contacted upon landing, hear the cargo being taken off of your plane, and be notified of the completion of the mission.


- Two modes of play:


- Career mode:  You start as an ambitious bush pilot who only has access to basic missions.  Can you work your way up through the ranks?  As you gain money and experience you will be able to purchase new aircraft, gain higher qualifications, and fly new mission types!


- Sandbox mode:  You start as a wealthy Senior Captain.  You are certified to fly any type of aircraft and fly any type of mission.  You also have one million dollars just waiting to be spent on aircraft.  Use your money wisely!


- A choice of one of three different planes as you start your career.  You also have the ability to purchase the rest of the planes that come with MSFS from various airports as you earn money.  Not every plane is available at every airport, so keep your eyes peeled for the model you are looking for. In addition, if you look hard enough, you will find aircraft at discount rates!


- Multiple mission types as you gain rank.  In career mode, you start with basic cargo and passenger runs, timed cargo runs, emergency missions, and tourist missions.  As you progress you will be able to take on VIP missions, sensitive cargo missions, mysterious 'pizza' missions, humanitarian missions, commercial flights, and secret passenger missions.


- Qualifications for different plane types.  As you acquire aircraft, you will be able to become certified in aircraft of varying engine types.  Take an inspector on a check ride, but mind your landing in addition to your banking and pitching while flying if you want to pass. 


- Hire AI pilots to fly for you as you acquire aircraft.


- Rent an aircraft from the local market and fly the plane yourself.


- Real-time tracking on the included map.


- The ability to add to Neofly and make it unique to your experience by adding additional planes and airports as you add them to MSFS.

- Loans


- Optional side missions:  You can purchase an event add-on pack to expand the functionality of the base game.  With this pack, at some point during your flight, the dispatcher may get in touch with you and offer you an alternate destination for additional rewards.  There are a number of different side missions that may be offered to you.


For more information, find us at neofly.net or visit us on Discord.


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 3.0 April 08, 2021

    - Multiplayer
    - Mission scenery (perk)

    The mission scenery is a new perk you can get to support NeoFly :
    these scenes will improve the realism of your SAR and emergency missions by adding a variety of objects, both on land and at sea (crashed planes, sinking ships, vehicles, characters, etc.)
    More objects will be added later for other missions, all updates will be free if you have already owned this perk.

    -The multiplayer feature will allow you to launch a server in NeoFly so other players can connect as clients.

    We added Discord multi channels so you can find players to share missions with.

    When you create a server, there are two possible modes: realistic and arcade.
    - realistic: the connected players must be at the mission departure airport with their plane.
    - arcade: you are moved with your plane, towards the airport of the mission and you return to your original airport at the end.
    In arcade mode, you can also specify an airplane that will be used by all players, even if they don't own it (but it should be at least in the aircraftdata table).
    It will be removed at the end of the mission.

    Once everyone is connected, you can share a mission with others by selecting "Fly with friends'' from the missions menu.

    For the cargo missions type, the server can split the cargo between players, but the reward will be also split by players.

    Multiplayer missions always give you an XP bonus.
    You may also receive a reward bonus (multi win bonus) depending on the mission and your results :
    - SAR : first to discover the survivors
    - Emergency, VIP hélico : first to land at landing zone
    - VIP : better max pitch + max bank - Sensitive: better VS at landing
    - Interception : first to intercept
    - Illicit and humanitarian : first to drop the cargo
    - Tourist : first to finish the photo shoot
    - Express delivery : first to land
    - Cargo, airline, PAX, secret PAX: better max G-force

    When a client has finished his mission it waits for the other players before attributing the bonus and disconnecting from MSFS.

    You can share some markers on the map, by clicking the middle mouse button. Right click to remove.

    If for some reason, the server disconnects while sharing a mission with clients, clients would be able to finish the mission.

    If a new client joins after the server shares its mission, it will automatically get the mission without need to share it again.

  • Version 2.19 March 26, 2021

    Version 2.19

    - New mission VIP helicopter : bring VIP to IRL Bing destinations
    - Added popup with sound when events like AI pilot landed, promotion, FBO weekly pay, etc

    A lot of changes base on suggestions :
    - Added option to change plane name when it doesn’t match msfs name
    - Added a runway ILS, hard, light mission filter
    - Added pre-filled max PAX, weight, range, mission filter with plane values when searching missions from hangar
    - Added plane name to log tab
    - Added "add" button to plane setting
    - Now if you reset missions with "Match rank & plane" check, it will take it in account

    VIP Helicopter & Tourist missions : For some big cities, Bing request to get destination could be long, like 30-40 s, you can uncheck the feature if you don’t fly this 2 missions

  • Version 2.18 March 17, 2021

    Version 2.18

    IMPORTANT ! Download also neofly-object.zip and unzip it into the MSFS 2020 community folder
    This folder has the 3D objects NF will spawn in exploration feature and later in some other missions, thanks to @bagolu

    - New feature exploration (check guide for more info)
    - Added a NeoFly community folder for 3d object like exploration feature wrecks
    - Added multi selection mission types
    - Now moving pilot will cost 5000 max and moving plane 10 000 max

    - Once per 24h, an exploration point will spawn
    - You can go there to explore the site, if you find the wreck, you will loot gold
    - Gold can be sold to market
    - You can buy a map at some markets to find wreck more easily but you will loot less
    - There are rumours of extremely valuable, rare artifacts at some wrecks, when you don’t use a map.
    - Exploration is not a mission, you will need to find a way to go there like a transit, trading or mission.
    - Once you loot the gold, it will be in your cargo If you have a map in your cargo, once you reach the 5nm zone, you have 15 mn to find the wreck.
    - Then a marker will spawn on the map to show you where is the wreck, but you will loot less

  • Version 2.17 March 11, 2021

    - Missions stacking
    - Added market time before refresh
    - Fixed several bugs in market

    About stacked missions :
    - you can stack cargo, pax and mail missions
    - you can stack normal missions and FBO missions
    - you can mix missions (2 cargo and 1 mail)
    - you can stack missions to different locations
    - Once you flight the first mission of your stack, you can remove a stacked mission, but you will pay penalties (10% of the reward)

Title Subject Last Updated Answers
Speed penalty in Cessna 172
December 01, 2020
  • nektarynka
    6 day(s) ago
    Best career mod out there!
  • aurelbdx
    6 day(s) ago
    This add on mod is wonderful!!
  • ceorl
    7 day(s) ago
    Super nice mod. Was looking for a replacement for the old FSPassengers mod. And although there are (obviously) quite some different features between these mods, I really enjoy using this. The developer keeps updating and supporting this mod, adding lots of features.
  • Playsianer
    12 day(s) ago
    This mod is for me without question one of the best for the MSFS.
    I fly 3 to 4 missions a day even if it is a bit difficult to use the mod in VR, but that's not because of NeoFly.

    I would only be interested in where I find the savefile and how I can update NeoFly without having to start over.

    Thank you for this incredible mod, keep it up!
  • grey
    15 day(s) ago
    It's something i use with FS as a regular basis, and i fairly love it ^_^
    I just have:
    - a problem: somewhere among the various upgrades i lost the in game audio messages. No more sounds from loading cargo, embarking passengers or, the most annoying thing, the beacon signal on rescue missions! Uninstall/reinstall didn't solve anything, i use the latest version available, but switching from folder DL to installer version probably caused this mess... any suggestion/fix?

    - a couple of wishes for next upgrades:
    1) could you please implement some function for repairing/refueling all planes at once? When your fleet becomes large, it's quite time consuming and not so pleasant having to do this one by one; some more options about hiring pilots could be useful as well (such as hiring for a week);
    2) i think revenues from various mission should depend not only on the distance covered or mission type... transporting 100 lbs. or 10k lbs. cargo to the same airport should be rewarded differently, and take pilot experience in account, for example.
    Just suggestions for making it better and better 😊
    • neolord
      7 day(s) ago
      Try ti install, re install Windows media player
      Come here for more help : https://discord.gg/v8yX3vG
    • grey
      15 hour(s) ago
      Whoaaa, i would've never figured that out! I almost forgot i removed WMP from my pc... now in game announcement works great! Thank youu! 😁
  • eraser2727
    15 day(s) ago
    1) Since the last version I cannot just extract the Folder and run it from wherever I want, it seems to be locked behind the Installer and all files end in '*.deploy' ​now. Not manually executable.
    2) When using the installer it does not use the data from the already downloaded zip archive but keeps downloading it from the internet anyway. Why is that?
    3) The Installer does not ask for a directory, this is highly annoying since I have to move the files manually from a place I don't want them to be in.
  • G8V8S
    20 day(s) ago
    Hell yes, Helicopter missions and extended Tourist POI distances!!!
  • Ritchy61
    21 day(s) ago
    The best Mod ever !!
    I love it and fly 2 - 5 missions a day.
    Since 2.17 there are very interesting SAR missions.
    With the EC135 Heli it is realy great to fly this Missions.
    Or some VIP Missions i fly with my TBM 930.
    It is absolutly fun and action in MSFS.
    I have donate twice !!
  • M2049
    22 day(s) ago
    lots of bugs, fix it and it'll be better
  • Arkh
    25 day(s) ago
    Genuinely better than onAir, and it's free. God I love it when freeware makes payware obsolete (LukeAirTools is another one)
  • onehyperborean
    28 day(s) ago
    I have error message "navdata.sqlite is missing" when i try to update neofly airport after launch navdatareader
    • LennyV8
      21 day(s) ago
      Having the same issue and no idea how to fix it. Did anybody have this as well?
    • neolord
      7 day(s) ago
      Put the Navdatareader in same drive than MSFS2020
  • onehyperborean
    28 day(s) ago
    please add FAILURES. Depending on the wear and tear of the aircraft and total service time. It will be great!!!

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