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DA62X Improvement Mod

Plane go brum brum lmao ...

Link to the active discussion on FS forums
FS20 file system is very fragile. Mods can interfere with eachother very easily. Please double, tripple check your community folder before posting. 99% of problems have been fixed simply by removing some other old mod. Also please delete the whole DA62X folder before updating.
Before posting, please read the incluced PDF, check the FAQ and Changelog!!


This mod aims to improve the default DA62 in as many aspects as possible.Also included is a PDF with a quick rundown of the added systems (G1000, FADEC and Anti-Ice) Further information can be found in the AFM

Key Features

Powerplant changes


The FADEC controls manifold pressure, injected fuel quantity and propeller speed according to the desired engine power preselected with the power lever. The RPM will follow the RPM set curve. (Further details in the included PDF)

  • Accurate engine performance in relation to pressure altitude and temperature
  • Accurate fuel flows
  • More accurate Oil/Coolant temperature and pressure behaviour
  • More realistic startup behaviour 
  • Fixed Fuel Pumps (no fuel flow increase)
  • Progressive Engine damage (disabled by default)
  • Added oil and fuel starvation when flying inverted.

Compatible with WT G1000 Nxi

  • Fixed Load, RPM indications
  • Added systems and fuel page with funtional fuel totaliser (G1000 mod)
  • Correct Engine and Ammeter indication behaviour
  • Added Aux tank fuel indication
  • CAS messages added for Engine, Anti ice, Gear, Failures and other systems.


  • More accurate Cruise speeds and climb rates 
  • Smoother less twitchy control compared to default
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Increased adverse yaw 
  • Increased flap lift and drag
  • Increased gear drag
  • Tighter turn radius on the ground and differential braking 
  • More accurate sitting attitude and suspension (rear wheels clip slightly)


  • Custom Anti-Ice system with modes, endurance and weight (Check PDF for more info)
  • Redone electrical system
  • Functional Ice-Light
  • Functional windshield defrost (always on)
  • ECU Tests, functional ECU voters and feathering
  • Simulated fuel/gearbox temperature
  • Lower standby instrument brightness for night flying (linked to G1000)
  • Standalone standby instruments
  • Improved autopilot PIDs with correct lateral and vertical limitation


  • Everythring from fuel levels, flaps lights, switches, frequencies are saved between flights. This can be enabled if desired (PDF)


  • Brighter taxi and landing lights (Uwa's lighting mod is already integrated and must be removed!)
  • Improved Internal cockpit lighting and ambience
  • Brighter Nav lights and LED strobes
  • Added white Navlight
  • Added metal leading edge and MT logo to static prop


  • Fuel totaliser can be reset by pressing the oxygen guage
  • Added Debugging CAS messages to help figuring out mod compatibility (FAQ) 

Thanks for the help <3:
Nishmaster, Tim, Birdy,Uwajimaya, Jonasbeaver, BilingualHarp7, FrettFS and others

da62 best mod the world
Sim Update 11 2 0
Initial Release
November 02, 2020
Last Updated
2 month(s) ago — V0.9.1.1



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  • Updated to version V0.9.1.1

  • Updated to version V0.9.1

  • Updated to version V0.9

  • Updated to version V0.8

  • Updated to version V0.7

  • Updated to version v0.6.2

  • Initial File Release

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how would i know if the mod is installed? will it say mod in the title on the aircraft selection page above the da 62? i cant remember what it said on the mod before i deleted and downloaded the updated one Thanks

Hi i have problem with system.cfg, i had already try to start msfs without add-on except this but does't works....

maybe SU11 incompatible problem?

I have a problem with the Autopilot with this Mod, when engaging it just starts to oscialite up and down, even getting super wild so you have to switch it off....It just happens with this plane not with other g1000 planes

Hi All

Work with SU11. Does not work with Asobo Diamond DA62 Realism Mod


Excellent mod. Thank you!

A couple observations regarding autopilot:

1- in VS mode, more than 1500 fpm and less than -3000 fpm cannot be selected.

2- in FLC mode, Less than 90 kts cannot be selected

Also the VS will always decrease with altitude to always maintain a minimum of 90 kts.

Is this a protection system that is available IRL?

Thank you!

Cant start aircraft show system cfg incompatabilty on alert screen and various swithes listed, any ideas ????

am getting a L & R low-fuel press. message. what am I doing wrong

Hi i was just wondering if you have thought about molding the G58 i love your work and would love to see that aircraft mod by you. Keep up the good work


Is there any chance to make the pilots visible in the cockpit?

Hi, does the fuel calculations in the "Lean" page not take into account topping up using the auxiliary tanks? I topped up to a total of 40 gallons, and the fuel calculations show me 6 gallons remaining still

Where is the interior light switch on this thing?

Is it normal for the Gear Down warning to start broadcasting as soon as flaps are used?

**SOLVED***NAV1/NAV2 is broken in G1000NXi since SU10

The Problem was: State saving and engine damage

I modified the DA62_INTERIOR.xml as mentioned in the PDF

--> this i causing my mentioned problem

Am I the only one with a broken Navigation?

The NAV1/NAV2 in G1000NXi says "0.00" --> I can't set any frequency

it only works when I remove the DA62X -Mod


I encountered a weird issue trying to take off from a 12000ft airport. Upon starting the engines, idle throttle gave me about 25% torque and RPM was above 1200, the plane immediately started rolling and it was hard to taxi without slamming the brakes. Something is off on high altitude, I expected the exact oposite, low torque and difficulty on taking off.

Hi is it possible to bind a key for the ECU with spadnext or in the sim,

had a look in binding.txt but nothing showing up in sim or spad with them bindings regards alan

Hi mrtommymxr,

thank you for this excellent DA62 improvement!

Would it be possible to add a clickspot for the emergency gear handle? I remember there once was one, though not at the right place. Please see screenshot in User Gallery (may take 48h until approved by admins).

Thank you very much!



Perhaps, it would have been a better idea that the Diamond DA62X Improvement Project was listed as its own aircraft in the menu rather than overwriting the default aircraft. After all, this aircraft does have the X factor (DA62X).

Really love your Mod ... many thanks! Just found minor glitch, when flying with increased frame rate the engines start wildly going up and down 😊

Thanks MrTommy for your continued outstanding work to this exquisite mod.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version V0.9.1.1 October 22, 2022

    Statesaving Hotfix

    - Increased aileron responsiveness

  • Version V0.9.1 October 13, 2022

    Included a batch configurator for state saving, engine damage and view engine status.
    Fixed some bugs with state saving
    Fixed engine fire smoke
    Fuel and anti ice endurance now show hrs+min instead of 1/10ths of hours

  • Version V0.9 September 24, 2022

    FADEC and powerplant:
    Power settings are now rounded
    Idle and ECU test behaviour improved
    Rain affects engine cooling
    Fuel flow is more accurate at lower power settings

    Now compatible with native WT G1000 Nxi
    Prop RPM rounded to the next 10
    Revisionary mode added
    Removed Pitot overheating.
    Removed ESP

    Updated key bindings
    nav2 statesaving fixed
    Engine damage and State-saving are now disabled by default, Instructions in PDF

  • Version V0.8 July 08, 2022

    Backend FADEC improvements with ECU runtime saving.
    - No more need to worry about your Propaxis
    Lowered oil temperature.
    Big thanks to Alex from SWS for adding the feather animation!! Enjoy.

    New flaps
    Modern propmodel
    Softened suspension
    other stuff

    Autopilot improvements

    Added state saving, Progressive engine damage. Details in PDF
    removed emergency gear toggle.

    Added engine and aircraft documentation.
    Added Instructions to disable State saving and Engine damage in PDF

  • Version V0.7 March 12, 2022

    Added custom engine temperature simulation with waterpumps, oilpumps, thermostats and oil/water heat exchanger
    Increased fuel heating
    Oil pressure isnt so low when the engine is warm.
    Prop governor will overrev shortly and the FADEC will recover like the real plane
    Improved starter and starting behaviour

    Completely redone FADEC ECUs with circuits and new logic.
    - ECU channels will fail if the respective circuit fails
    - Engine will fail if a failed channel is selected
    - ECU channels will toggle depending on the day. Switching ECU will cause the stutter
    - ECU errors can be cleared by holding the ECU test button

    "Check gear" callout is on a timer and is less annoying
    "Check gear" callout is also on the test button
    check gear/Fire alarm is quieter
    guess what I tuned again, the autopilot, YAAY
    New battery voltage curve

    Lowered icing scalar

    Alternate air and emergency gear commands in cockpit file
    Added new languages

  • Version v0.6.2 January 07, 2022

    Lowered volume of TAWS sounds
    Reduced effect of filter icing
    Filter ice will not build up when alternate air is active
    Added CAS messages for alt air and emergency gear extension
    Reverted to stock Asobo autopilot PIDs (because i give up)
    Updated PDF

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

"FADEC INOP" CAS message, Engines turning off

FADEC Code hasn’t loaded in. The FADEC is based on Simconnect and other simconnect mods can interfere with the FADEC. 

Additionally a livery with a seperate Panel.cfg (Xbox 01 livery for example) can stop the FADEC from being loaded in.


Check your other mods (Kenetic assist, replay mods, multiplayer mods, Liveries, etc). Try the default livery

"Incompatible Livery" CAS message and alot of other warnings.

The ModelBehaviorDefs folder isn’t being loaded in. Another mod (possibly livery) is interfering with the DA62X.

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA62.

Try the default livery

Controlling the DA62X seems sluggish, slow and heavy.

We all know how sensitive the planes are in this game. Check if you have sensitivity curve setup in your control settings. The DA62X doesn’t need a curve and it is recommended that you fly with a linear curve.

Unable to takeoff and or the plane rolls and flips uncontrollably

Only the modern flightmodel is supported.

Check that you are not using the legacy flightmodel.

Cockpit is invisible

Uwajimayas Lighting mod and MixMugs Pilot/Copilot mods are already integrated into the DA62X and are not needed. 


Remove those mods

MFD and PFD are swapped

Check if you are using any liveries or cockpit repaints or Uwajimayas lighting mod.

"Incompatible Systems.cfg"/ Can't start the engines, screens flash when pressing the starter

It could be that another mod or livery with it's own "systems.cfg" is interfering with the DA62X. 

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA62X.

Remove Uwa's lighting mod if installed. 

Try the default livery


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