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Last Updated December 08, 2020
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#Real-Life #Megapack Maldives Exclusive Drag and Drop

About this file

This is a Pack of all the Maldives airports I will create. Individual downloads will also be available.

The pack is very much currently a WIP pack (see screenshot of future planned content)

individual packs:
VRSF - Funadhoo Airport:
VRBK - Kulhudhuffushi Airport:
VRMU - Dhaalu Airport:
VRMO - Kooddoo Airport:
VRMT - Kaadedhdhoo Airport:
VRDA - Maafaru International:
VRQM - Mavaarulaa Airport:
VREI - Ifuru Airport:
VRMR - Fuvahmulah Airport:
VRMD - Dharavandhoo Airport:
VRMV - Maamigili / Villa International Airport:
VRFA - Fainu Airpot (fantasy):
VRFM - Fares-Maathodaa:
VRLM - Madivaru:
VRMG - Gan International 2020:
VRNT - Thimarafushi:

Maldives pack by "0235"
Version 0.15
Release date 2020-12-08

- Modification pack adding the missing Maldives airports
- This pack contains 16 airports, with a mix of airports that are missing, modified, under constructing, and currently undergoing planning.

Installation instructions:
Drag and drop each folder "airport-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-0235-X.X" into your "community" folder.

Known Issues:
- Terrain continues to show differenty between SDK and exported files. I am not sure how to fix this, as i can't fix what I can't see :(

Change Log:

For 0.1
 - Alpha Release!
For 0.2
 - VRSF Funadhoo added
For 0.3
 - VRMU Dhaalu added
For 0.4
 - VRMO Kooddoo added
For 0.5
 - VRMT Kaadedhdhoo added added
For 0.6
 - VRDA Maafaru International added
For 0.7
 - VRQM Mavaarulaa added
For 0.8
 - VREI Ifuru added
For 0.9
 - VRMR Fuvahmulah added
For 0.10
 - VRMD - Dharavandhoo added
For 0.11
 - VRMV    Villa International added
For 0.12
 - VRFA Fainu Added
For 0.13
 - VRFA Fainu removed (due to planning being cancelled in 2019). still available as a separate download
 - VRFM Fares-maathodaa added
 - VRLM Madivaru added
For 0.14
 - VRMG Gan International 2020 upgrade added
 - VRNT Thimarafushi Airport fixed
For 0.15
 - VRDA 0.2 release
 - VREI 0.2 release
 - VRFA 0.2 re-added
 - VRBK 0.2 release
 - VRFM 0.2 release
 - VRMD 0.2 release
 - VRMR 0.2 release
 - VRQM 0.2 release
 - VRMT 0.2 release
 - VRMO 0.2 release
 - VRMU 0.2 release
 - VRSF 0.2 release
 - VRMG 0.2 release
 - VRNT 0.2 Release
 - VRLM 0.2 release
 - VRMV 0.2 release

Rights and Usage:
- SOLELY uploaded to "" Mod website. If you have acquired this anywhere else, the content has been taken without permission. Please download from "" and report content on other website
- This is a Work In Progress (WIP) Mod, and any damage cause to end user system is taken at the risk of the end user.
- MOD is created by "0235" at

Current features in 0.15:
- Airport VRBK Kulhudhuffushi 0.2
- Airport VRSF Funadhoo 0.2
- Airport VRMU Dhaalu 0.2
- Airport VRMO Kooddoo 0.2
- Airport VRMT Kaadedhdhoo 0.2
- Airport VRDA Maafaru International 0.2
- Airport VRQM Mavaarulaa 0.2
- Airport VREI Ifuru 0.2
- Airport VRMR Fuvahmulah 0.2
- Airport VRMD Dharavandhoo 0.2
- Airport VRFM Fares-maathodaa 0.2
- Airport VRLM Madivaru 0.2
- Airport VRMG Gan International 2020 upgrade 0.2
- Airport VRNT Thimarafushi fix 0.2
- Airport VFRA Fainu 0.2 added back
- Airport VRMV Maamigili 0.2

Special thanks:
- "Flying Theston" tutorials:
- "Blender Guru" Tutorials:
- "cc0textures" PBR textures:
- "" generic textures:
- "Materialize" by "bounding box software":
- ""
- "ACME Mapper 2.2"

Future plans:

- Velana International 2022 upgrade

GPS Coordinates 4.176354, 73.509279

Google Maps Import

Parts of this content includes 3D data and textures copyrighted by « Google Map data ». Google Maps and Map data are provided by © Google, LLC, Mountain View, California, US. This free creation contains content from Google Maps or Google Earth, in accordance with Google Terms of Services and especially point 2.2 of Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service. This creation is based on « fair use » or « fair dealing » of the data provided by Google through its services. No commercial use or any gain will be made by the author of this creation or the original host site, who use Google assets as provided for by the simple user licence. The author is freely sharing a creative application of Google Maps or Google Earth. The author will not receive any form of remuneration for sharing this work. Spontaneous general donations from users of file hosting web services under the form of « rewards » or « tips » will be rejected. If this content is found elsewhere and is offered in exchange of money or any other kind of remuneration, it is without the permission of the author and if such theft of intellectual property occurs, this site, and the author will disavow such distribution. Google has stated that it cannot answer to any direct demand about a particular creative use of its properties, as it stated in the « written permission » paragraph of the same document, and all such demands should in the first instance be directed to the author of this work. The author’s verification of compliance with Google’s Terms of Services will rest on this statement of intent, and the use of the provision of the « Fair use » paragraph of the document. As it is economically unreasonable for the casual creator of this content to ask for a costly legal analysis of its creation like proposed in the « Fair use » paragraph of the document, the author of this creation and the owners of this site undertake to destroy any trace of the work on first demand from Google, in accordance with the paragraph « Taking action in case of problems » of the Google Terms of Service about « advance notice » provided « when reasonably possible ».

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    January 05, 2021

    Thanks so much for doing this! Like many people first thing I did when I downloaded FS2020 was check out how things were around home lol. And was disappointed to say the least.

    This mod goes a long way though I hope Asobo or someone 3rd party will fix the "terrain" eventually so that 70% of the islandless reefs that have disappeared come back :P

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    January 05, 2021
    I am looking forward to the Maldives getting a proper Asobo pass, where they can also fix the water, and make it transparent in specific areas!
  • image
    December 20, 2020

    0235, impressive work sir. Keep them coming, you make this grate sim a better one.

    Thank you.

  • image
    December 12, 2020

    Where are the handmade buildings?

  • image
    December 06, 2020

    Great package however as already noted, on some airports we have double runways due to conflict with navigraph beta. Not sure if this is "your" problem or "theirs" but if you can fix this it would be perfect.

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    December 06, 2020
    Thanks, I have a feeling it is a problem my end. When I added in missing airports i never ticked the "delete all" option, which would remove any other airport assets from the area.

    I have slowly been updating all the airports to include this "delete all", and I hope it solves the problem.

    My biggest concern is the load order, as if Navigraph data is loaded before my mods, then it will favour the Navigraph data to my data :)

    So yes, at the moment the runway clashes are an "expected" bug with people using Navigraph.

    Hope you enjoy :)
    Alvega replied
    December 09, 2020
    Hey 0235, looks like you solved the double runways problem already my friend.
    I just tested VRDA and VRMD and no problem there anymore. If the others were all updated I guess they are fixed too. Thanks.
  • image
    November 29, 2020

    Are you going to update the pack with tall the individual updates that you are uploading these days?


  • image
    0235 replied Author
    December 01, 2020
    Yes, When I get all the individual updates out I will do the MegaPack :)
  • image
    November 25, 2020

    NICE!!! Is Male also coming? ;)

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    November 25, 2020
    I am glad you are enjoying, but it is a bit "Maybe". Malé is quite a bigger task than What I have been doing so far, and I want to "Make sure I can get it right". I at least want to add the water runways to Malé. But it will be a new experience learning how to add ILS beacons and gates!
  • image
    November 23, 2020

    Did/Will you make seaplane docks and terminals were applicable. The Maldives really have the potential to be a true seaplane heaven and that's what gets me the most excited about flying there.

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    November 23, 2020
    If I get round to doing the update for Malé, I will be adding the seaplane "runways" to that area.

    I Have also started planning out all the locations that "Trans Maldivian airways" fly to, but that is 70 destinations and so far the Bing satellite data has been terrible for the first 10 islands that I looked like.

    Don't hold your breath, but It is on my to do list to add in the seaplane docks as a separate package (likely a pack of just the seaports and another file for the satellite images, as I imagine it will be quite a large file).
    Laulenture replied
    November 23, 2020
    I don't know if it can help you or not but Google maps' data seems to be more up to date than bing's. Although it's of varying quality it does seem to give a much clearer view of places like ports and such as well.
  • image
    November 12, 2020

    VRLM is not included in

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    November 12, 2020
    :facepalm: thanks for spotting it... that was supposed to be the reason for the update :D
  • image
    November 10, 2020

    Take flight between the islands.
    And noticed that VRDA have two runway sit together.
    So I have seen two center line, two side lights, two center lights......
    Check the install folder, nothing wrong.
    Is there any issue in scenery?

    Tested all the airport in this package, airports below have 2 runways conflict:

    MFS2020 1.10.8 with default scenery, only installed scenery is Male pack.

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    November 10, 2020
    Thank-you for the bug feedback. Someone else has previously mentioned this.

    However I have checked out VRDA, VREI, & VRMD (all in one flight, and using the files downloaded from here, not my local files), and unfortunately I can't seem to replicate this issue.

    My only thought is, are you using the windows store version or Steam? I have the steam version, with my community folder on a separate hard drive to my C:\ drive
    Alvega replied
    November 10, 2020
    I have this problem too and it is caused by a conflict with Navigraph navdata. Navigraph also added this airport to MSFS so now we have 2 runways. Here is a screenshot of mine. We can see that the Navdata runway has a slightly different alignment.

    I wonder if there is a way we can exclude your runway but keep the rest of the scenery, 0235.
    These are all the Maldives airports that were added by Navigraph:
    0235 replied Author
    November 11, 2020
    Hey, thanks for the extra info, this is super useful, and a great find with what was causing the clash!

    Normally when people update existing airports you can tick "exclude all airport assets" when adding an airport (and the Mod will override any existing data). Bec use These (so far) have all been new airports, I have not been ticking that.

    That could be what might fix it, but as they are both mods it may not know which is the data to get over-ridden.

    Also, I had no idea Navigraph added in airports :O That's kinda cool!

    When I get round to releasing the 0.2 versions of everything I will make sure to do the "exclude runway" option.
    Alvega replied
    November 11, 2020
    Thanks 0235. If you exclude the Navigraph runway you need to correct the heading on yours. There seems to be a 1 degree difference and I believe the Navigraph heading might be the correct one. VRDA runway 24 heading is 239 according to Navigraph.
    BlueBlood replied
    November 11, 2020
    Yes..... maybe Alvega is right.
    Because I also installled the Navigraph Navdata, ver 2012r1.

    I will try un-installl it and test again.
    BlueBlood replied
    November 11, 2020
    Tested without Navigraph Navdata.
    Yes, now there have only one runway.
    And have another issues:
    VRDA - runway side, not flatten. two side is wave.
    VRMD- runway side, not flatten, two side is wave. and seemed lower then apron.
    VRMR - runway side, not flatten, two side is wave.

    Just update to MFS2020 1.10.11, without Navigraph Navdata.Default Scenery.
    0235 replied Author
    November 11, 2020
    Thanks BlueBlood.

    I am going to do a big pass some time in the next few weeks with trying to bug fix the airports.

    The Sim seems to clash a little bit with deciding what should be flat and what shouldn't I will cover the entire area with a flatten polygon, but it never quite seems to get it.

    I am still running into issues where (like you said) where Aprons are higher, and the edges of the runway are wavy, almost like the runway was dug into the ground. This has pretty much always been there regardless of version or if Navigraph was installed so its definitely something universal, not just on your computer :)

    Unfortunately a lot of this doesn't show in the SDK and only appears once it has been exported as a package.

    As for Alvega talking about runway heading, I have always gone on what the satellite shows. rotating items is quite difficult to get it right, and if you use the simulators built in "accurate" heading rotation, it messes up some other things.

    I will add it to my "bug notes", and slowly as I go along I am learning more and more with what you can do in creating airports.
    BlueBlood replied
    November 12, 2020
    Thanks for the hard work.....

    It's a amazing series of airports scenery.

    Looking forward the future update.
    superspud replied
    November 12, 2020
    I had the same problem with wavy runways. It turns out a runway has an intrinsic terraforming value of 10. To get it to behave you have to place it in a polygon or rectangle with a priority of 11 or higher. That'll get it to snap to your terrain and finally behave.
    0235 replied Author
    November 12, 2020
    Thanks superspud! I was playing around with the "priority" and that sounds like a super solution! turn it up to 11 ;)
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    November 09, 2020

    Excellent work. Looking forward to Gan International Airport. A former RAF station.

  • image
    November 08, 2020

    seems you are publishing an update every day. why not wait some days beteween each of them.

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    November 08, 2020
    I guess it is what I'm used to at work, and Never felt the need to delay something when it is ready to go!

    I had also originally submitted a deadline of this weekend to the "requests" section of this website, so it was a bit of a dash to get all the existing airports out. Though Now that is done I can have a bit of time adding in the proposed airports and fixing any issues.
  • image
    November 08, 2020

    Nice work!!
    I have a problem. It seems that in all airports it's like having double runways one over the other. And also double letters (e.g. 36 written twice..) Did i di something wrong. I only copied the directories to my community

  • image
    0235 replied Author
    November 08, 2020
    Any specific airports? this could be the "ground merging" where it projects the satellite images below onto added elements (like runways and Aprons) to give a bit more detail.

    As for the runway showing through, this could be slightly wonky satellite images where there is a slight curve to the image, but the added runway is actually straight.

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